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aircured January 5th 2012 07:52


Originally Posted by 72marinablue (Post 81976)
is there any way you could post some pictures of the modifications to the top arms of the front suspension?


dave forder October 11th 2012 12:58

Remmele Motorsport
Any chance of some help? I need to contact Remmele regarding some parts. I have phoned the numbers listed on their website and also emailed them - I can't get any joy. I can't even leave a message on the telephone number that they give. I want to put some business their way but can't get hold of them. Thanks

SuperRSi January 2nd 2013 17:03

That is the norm with Remmele. Years ago I tried to order complete CF fenders, hood, and suspension. Got him to answer the phone once, and he promised me that he would call back and take the order because he was busy. After about 50 non returned calls, I figure he accidentally answered the phone and never intended to call back. I wonder what he really does for a living...

70Turbobug January 4th 2013 15:49

He has a new e-mail and website since a couple of months. and Dave, try e-mail and tell him Mark Spencer sent you.I know him well. Calling is useless,I rarely get a hold of him by phone either.However I see him 3 or 4 times a year.Basically his business is local (Germany,France,Belgium,Holland) and is not dependant on e-commerce and he does very well.Builds and sells more engines than most shops in the vw community,you just never see them on the internet ;)


dave forder January 20th 2013 17:13

Thanks Mark, I will give it a go.

70Turbobug January 21st 2013 15:53

If you have any problems let me know and I'll see what I can do.

SuperRSi February 25th 2013 03:14

Just saw this post. May try to email an order for the cooler/front spoiler and see if that works. Too bad we cannot get a stocking distributor in the US.

70Turbobug February 25th 2013 08:24

There used to be about 10 years ago,but the guy had placed a fairly large 5 digit order and when the parts were finished and ready to ship out, he didn't have the money to pay for it.So since then no "dealers" outside of Germany.

Luismj March 8th 2015 12:57

No comments at all! :shocked:


effvee March 8th 2015 15:23

Man, that's one very nice project:). Please allow me to ask a few questions. Is the engine a Auto Craft? The extra sump, or is it, looks low clearance. I'm not trying to high jack this post, just a few questions. Since I added to my type IV case a flange, so I can add extra capacity sump. Since then I looked on the Pauter website and saw the Auto Craft bottom pick up, I just love that possibility. I will be using a Berg 3.5 capacity sump, and hopefully the Auto Craft pick up. But I note the low clearance possibility. The car being shown can go wherever, track or street. But it looks low clearance for the engine. This worries me for my project. Please allow me to show just my case so you can see what I'm talking about. Again, I am not trying to high jack this post

Gerrelt March 9th 2015 15:27

That's a stunning beetle!

vw1303 March 10th 2015 10:55

Woah! So much carbon, so many AN fittings:D

70Turbobug March 10th 2015 11:33

I`ve seen it last year in Spa, in person it is even better! That is an amazing car!

Wally March 10th 2015 16:03

Curieus what the 1/4 mi time would be...

cookvw March 12th 2015 19:53

wow...i cant even think of how much he has in AN fittings and braided line. super nice and clean car tho. over the top for sure.

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