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cookvw October 13th 2016 14:41

1975 super beetle for sale
im wanting to try and sell this beloved car that ive built over the past few years. reason for selling is that im wanting to sell it and get into some other vw future ventures. heres my link to my samba ad.

owdlvr November 28th 2016 22:48

Okay, I'll bite because I have (ironically) storage in Golden Colorado. How much are you looking to get for the car?

Keep in mind, I'm just fishing and only half-serious. I'd have to do some pretty interesting financial loops to make it happen (just bought a house)...but I've done silly things before!


cookvw December 6th 2016 00:52

im looking for 10k, but im workable on price. lowest ill take is 8k for the car. if you wanna chat more your welcome to email me or look me up on facebook under weston cook. LMK

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