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1303bug August 2nd 2010 17:32

what size seat fits ?
hey guys im looking at these seats

The width of the widest part of the base of the cushion on the seat is 21.5" the width of the frame from hole to hole is 18.5"
will these fit in my 74 1303 ?

1303bug August 3rd 2010 17:44

any idea what is the widest i can put in ?

owdlvr August 3rd 2010 19:09

Look up the measurements for a Cobra Imola-S. And compare those measurements to the photos I have of my seats installed...that's pretty much the best I can help you.

Photos -

Note the shoulder area is the issue with my seats...if needed I could measure to the B-Pillar and between the seats.

You might also try measuring your stock seats to compare them to the ones you're looking at.


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