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djmatio September 8th 2007 00:11

How the hell?? Sparco seat brackets... Please inform
Hello all,

I have purchased some seat brackets for my 1972 super beetle and I have no clue how to secure them to the pan. If you know, please inform me! I'm just scratching my head. Posted are pictures.

BTW.. i got one set through sparco, and one set through wedge, and even though they are from the same company, the sparco's were powder coated and the direct from wedge ones were spray painted "ghetto" style. I can powder coat them myself but just an extra expense. :p


-clueless in Cupertino

petevw September 8th 2007 00:44

Which Sparco's are they?

djmatio September 8th 2007 12:25

Sorry, forgot to add that they are for Sparco Milano seats.

My question pertains to how these brackets secure to the pan, so really the seat shouldn't matter. Do i cut out the old seats sliders rails/brackets and weld these in somehow?

The tabs on the bottom don't seem to fit to anything on the pan. I'm not even sure which is the front end and which is the back! haha

FeralBug February 4th 2008 20:11

I got mine from Wedge as well.
Mine are a bit different as I have a 74 SB.

I was not impressed with the quality from wedge. Even though they use a jig to weld the pieces together...I think there jig was a bit off as the bottom supports that mount to the seat rails were off a bit.

Good luck.

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