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effvee November 24th 2016 16:49

Subaru 6
Hi, well here I go again beating this 6 cylinder Subaru into a Super Beetle dog again:o

I have went as far as dragging the short block under my bug and taking photos, looking down on the situation:o.
My computer is hanging up again, I will add to this later. Man ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, pure headache:mad:
Hi, sorry but my photo bucket account is really hanging up. If I can get my hands on a complete EZ-36D for a good I will stuff it in. Even it the rear is a bit wider, lets say one inch it's still doable

chug_A_bug November 30th 2016 21:25

can't wait to See more Pictures an Work done..

effvee November 30th 2016 21:41

I need the missing parts, such as the gear train. Without that the length will be false.

effvee December 22nd 2016 13:29

Man I may be barking up the wrong tree. From this mini movie they had to hack up the fenders badly in order to get the engine in. Is it just the wrong choice of subie?

effvee June 6th 2017 23:39

Hi everyone, I have been really trying to see a EZ-30 being fitted into a bug. I surfed over to shoptalk forum, in the conversion perversion site; I finally was able to see an EZ-30 mod. Very good pictures, well I was wrong. It sit very low, extremely wide:o. That was enough to get it out of my system. It's a real good thing that I only moth balled my TypeIV.

So, having said that, is there anyone making ratio rockers again?

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