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Pablo October 16th 2010 09:11

Hydraulic throwout bearing type 1 IRS box
Does anyone have any experience of hydraulic throwout bearings fitted to modern cars that could be retro fitted to a type 1 IRS box?

I'm in the UK so need info on European cars.

I plan in the not to distant future to convert to hydraulic but don't like the CNC pull type slave cylinders, plus the TO bearings neater & eliminates the need for a HD cross shaft etc.


JIMP October 16th 2010 12:19

Hello Paul

I'm also in the process of finding a solution like this, I already have some used ones from BMW, Ford etc to see what fits best. As soon as I have some news I'll let you know with photos etc



Pablo October 16th 2010 15:09

Hello Dimitrios,

Thanks, I look forward to your results.

Steve C October 17th 2010 05:25

1 Attachment(s)

Saab make one but it maybe a little to deep to fit in a Type 1 bell housing.


judgie October 18th 2010 08:22

have a look into the hewland gearboxes, most of them have a hydralic throwout bearing. if you have a late style box then you can get a bearing that bolts onto the 3 bolt holes that are used to hold the support shaft. think tilton do them along with a few others.

Tim October 19th 2010 09:33

Found these on a Ford racing specialist website (UK).

The hard-copy catalogue mentioned that the hydraulic clutch cylinder nose (APC5) has overall depth 80mm from bearing face to mounting face and safe travel of 22mm. It also mentioned that several customers have successfully fabricated their own mounts on gearboxes other than Ford units. Not sure if this can be modified to fit late style T1 gearbox.

al_kaholik October 19th 2010 10:25

As discussed on Volkszone I have one on the way with a throw of c.18mm. I looked at the AP ones and went for the one i did for testing purposes currently.

The burton one looks like a standard Ford one, but the top one mounted onto a piece of billet.

Results will follow...

Pablo October 19th 2010 15:41

Interesting stuff guys, keep it coming & thanks.

Anyone know the travel on the VW TO bearing?

Luismj October 19th 2010 23:41

Hello Paul

I'm work in the same solution to type 1 trans. The problem with the stage 2 or 3 clutch more stronger and blow the hydraulic throwout bearings. :shocked:
if you have stage one try opel vectra 16V.

i'm work to develop one with external truck cylinder to stage 2 ore more,
My room have one collection... :D

Pablo October 20th 2010 02:32

Hello Luis,

That's one to look for, thanks. I will have the stage 1 clutch.
Any chance you can post that picture of it fitted that is on your laptop?


al_kaholik October 20th 2010 08:57


Originally Posted by Pablo (Post 78056)
Anyone know the travel on the VW TO bearing?

That would help greatly.

Now that the toss seller has got it posted it should be moving along swimmingly.


al_kaholik October 20th 2010 13:36

hmmm... Presumably we have the same TOB here Luis?...

Pic from SteveC on Aussie Veedubbers

There is also a thread on Volkszone about this...

And pics of what I've just had delivered. Best pics of the dimensions that I can get as I don't have the micrometer down with me. Note that this one doesn't have a sleeve around it, because its a cheap most likely, but if you are willing to pay the money you can get them with the bellows.

Pablo October 20th 2010 15:25

Nice pix Al, do you know what thats off?

Do the mounting holes match the VW sleeve holes?

I guess you will tell more once you have had a look at a gearbox

Pablo October 20th 2010 15:31

After studying you pix a little closer I see GM on there, whats the number stamped on it?

al_kaholik October 20th 2010 15:48

Its a GM 55557587 from Saabs with the 1.9 TiD plus assorted other GMs

It matches up with a 16mm master cylinder which opens plenty of options for different mounting types.

As for bolt patterns and the bearing face, I'm nowhere near either so can't look right now. If anyone has a release bearing handy and the sleeve from the gearbox that'd be great. Otherwise I'll have to get the old man to have a look tomorrow :)

Presumably it'll bolt up if Luis' is the same but its whether it'll mate up to the clutch face

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