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dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:50

Nev - 1971 Bay with some germanlook influences
Well i know this build won't be a lot of peoples' bag as it isn't strictly germanlook....but i thought some of you may be interested just in the build.

Well i'll start at the beginning.
We purchased this bus around 6 years ago and it was uber cheap. He wasn't pretty - so i did the essential stuff - you know - like lower it and put a better engine in haha. The initial plan was to sell it - but as we all do - we got attached to the van. After a few years of holidays in him (Nev) I finally finished my beetle resto and we layed Nev up and started to save for his resto. He made a final appearance at our wedding (took the bridesmaids) after i limped him through an MOT after being off the road for a couple of years and as soon as we got back from our honeymoon we started ripping him apart. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here....

When we first got him

On Holiday once he'd been given some love - this was in tenby. He was like this for a few years - we attended lots of shows - went to Spa and had lots of trips to France, Wales and Devon in him. He didn't let us down!

Dressed for the wedding

Pulling him apart before he goes to the blasters

He was away at the blasters for a while so in the mean time i started on the brake and suspension conversion

Bearing spacers made for the 944 hubs to linkpin spindle

Bearing spacers fitted and outside of the hub turned down to fit the 996T discs

Porsche 6 pot calipers

Compared to the stock disc and caliper

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:50

Uniball rear end coming together to replace the spring plates

Back from the blasters and in epoxy primer. Some ropey repairs to sort along with the obvious. Nothing more than what we were expecting though so fairly happy!

Cargo floor and the centre of the van isnt too bad - probably due to the bely pans

Front beam raised 1 3/4" with a Rayvern beam

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:51

And the rear end has been notched and Porsche 944 aluminium arms fitted

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:52

Half cap is so last year....this is going to need some serious tubs to cover the 255/40R17 tyres!!



dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:52

I have finished with the rear suspension mods now - i just need to finish off the front beam stuff and then mock up the hydraulic rams. Then onto the transmission raise!

Rear Torsion tube had to be narrowed 35mm

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:53

Looking forward to getting on with the body work now and getting rid of those shoddy repairs on the rear corners/arches.

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:53

Front leaves redrilled and fitted, rear end finished off, valve block and fluid dispersal system fitted up and we have a roller :D

Craig is 6'"2 and towers over Nev!

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 07:54

Primitive seats!

Front rams are in and mounted .... just got to figure out the rear mounting points and how the hell i am going to get the track rods fitted! The whole hydraulic kit it from Rayvern

ricola January 11th 2015 09:41

Looking good! What are your engine plans? Camping interior?

H2OSB January 11th 2015 11:29

Looks pretty awesome! I'm often amazed by how far some of you guys go with a restore/build. I would be so intimidated by this build.

cookvw January 11th 2015 14:06

this is awesome. i love it. keep us updated. x2 on motor plans.

dub_crazee January 11th 2015 14:43

Thanks guys,

I have been running through gearbox/engine ideas in my head. I initially thought a 915 box would be ideal as it is one of my favourite modifications in my makes it so much more usable for long distance runs (which is what we will be using our van for!) but i have settled to rebuild my 1600 bus box with a taller 3rd and 4th with a berg gear housing so i can run a splitty nose cone. This will enable me to do a 7cm transmission and engine raise (which i need to do for ground clearance) Engine wise i am going to keep it fairly basic as funds don't allow anything like what my beetle engine cost. It will probably be type1 based, less than 2 litre but maybe a small turbo running through a renault 5 turbo carb. Thats the plan at the moment but as all of my projects seem to progress and get more involved....i am sure i will end up with something more wild!

Interior wise we have never felt the need to have a cooker/sink etc. we will have a large 'L' shaped sofa in the back that folds out into a bed. The front will have a westy style flip front bench seat so the 'L' becomes a 'U' shape. Pretty basic but very sociable :) I would also like to incorporate a fold out BBQ somehow (maybe at the back)

I have to say, if i had my way, i would start with a much more solid vehicle.....but the wife has become attached to Nev over the years and wants to keep him.

The bit i am most excited about is the wheels.....


Steve C January 11th 2015 17:08


Looks great. Cant wait to keep following this build. One question, what was the reasoning for going to king & link pin front suspesion?


owdlvr January 12th 2015 03:54

Whoa! I know what wheels those are, and I'm very very excited!

This build looks incredible so far


dub_crazee January 13th 2015 13:26

Steve, i went K&L for the amount of travel they give compared to a balljoint. I had to get the chassis rail on the beam and balljoints would lock out before that unless i raised the beam even higher.

Thanks Dave, i am pretty excited about the wheels :) although i am now completely skint! Atleast ive now got everything i need to keep be busy until July - hopefully by that time i will have the money for the paint materials and build up parts!

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