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evilC July 13th 2011 08:42

Posts referred to Mods
I posted some comments on the Ilse of Man TT a couple of days ago only to be told that it was being referred to the Mods. OK I've no problem with that but how long does it take to read a very innocuous response that might have been of interest to others?


DORIGTT July 13th 2011 20:37

What does 'referred to Mods' mean?:confused:

evilC July 14th 2011 07:41

I posted some comments and got a pop up that said that my post had been referred to the Moderators or some such thing. It has not appeared on that thread yet.

PS I've just checked, well what do ya know? It has miraculously appeared with the original posting time and date.

DORIGTT July 15th 2011 00:11

Not to stir the pot, but did someone 'report' you or something?

Sandeep July 15th 2011 01:18

I missed the original post by Clive, was busy sorting through the 100's of spammers who register every day. The off topic forum gets hit the most, hence the filter I added to cut the garbage that gets posted.

Nothing more than that.


evilC July 15th 2011 08:04

Thanks Sandeep,:)
I was hoping the reason was as innocuous and as simple as the post.

Forgive me for being hurt and unwanted :bawling:


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