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Jim Hunter September 25th 2011 07:34

My new wheels
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Finally I was be able to get a full set of the Porsche 928 winter wheels aka "Wintercult" ,"bottlecaps".
They are 7x16 ET65 all around and I put 195/40/16 all around...
Here is a photo with three of them ...Fourth is in my room :D

Hope to like them guys...

onixbonilla September 26th 2011 22:32

Nice, very nice. Do not remember had seen those before!:D

Supa Ninja September 27th 2011 01:01

Those are sweet, I can't wait to see them on your ride.

Steve C September 27th 2011 06:14


Originally Posted by onixbonilla (Post 81878)
Nice, very nice. Do not remember had seen those before!:D


Nice wheels, I've never seen them before either.

Does it snow in Puerto Rico? We don't get much snow down here either.


onixbonilla September 29th 2011 14:55

No, sure no snow here but world became so smaller with the internet that we can see a lot of Porsches and its winter wheels!!!:D

Jim Hunter September 30th 2011 14:05

I am glad you like them guys...
The watercooled guys looking for them...The use them on old Golfs etc...
They also came in 8x16 but is very hard to come by...
I will mount an old tyre in one to put it in my 1303 to see how it looks...
I`ll keep you updated :D


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