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-Alex- April 13th 2012 02:59

Second set i am making for 944 aluarms. SInce making these from 7075, it can be made little slimmer and lighter than using 6082/S355 materials.

Obiwan April 13th 2012 03:29

One 7075 set ordered :D

-Alex- May 12th 2012 11:02

Now there might be possibility to get these anodized to black or grey. I have to ask the price.

Obiwans set will be ready littlebit later, due to machinist making his own parts for drag race event.

Uniball kit has same price until july, because after that my machinist goes to china for few months. After then price may rise 50-100 euros for few months, because i have to use another machinist.

volksmeister May 12th 2012 21:45

Finally mocked up the uniball that Alex has made.. :D
Everything looks cherry so far except that the damn early shock tower design doesn't give much top clearance.. I estimate around 2.5" travel before the top bolt on the uniball bracket would hit the underside of the shock tower.. I would have to probably swap out that bolt for a countersunk one or something..

Wally May 13th 2012 04:10


Originally Posted by volksmeister (Post 83808)

Aren't you supposed to mount that on the other side of the trailing arm? :confused:
Maybe I am confused with alu trailing arms. It just looks odd like that to me, but maybe its just me :o

-Alex- May 13th 2012 04:59

As far as i know, all stock springplates and remmele & mbt uniball kit are bolted to innerside of arm. :)

Wally May 13th 2012 05:51

Excellent! My bad. Its been a while since I looked there ;)
The difference in shock tower height is considerable now I see these pics from late models!

-Alex- May 13th 2012 06:49

Somewhere i found remmele kit installed to steel irs arms, i sent it to Volksmeister, but i cannot find any more it..damn.

volksmeister May 13th 2012 09:30

Found it.. Here's the pic of steel arms with remmele uniball

A bit more got done today with the rear rotors and wheels on..
Will probably have to clearance the shock tower to avoid interference with the suspension movement..
open to ideas.. anyone?

-Alex- May 13th 2012 09:58

Can you show pic where uniball kit hits to shocktower and then measure between lower and upper shock point?

Just thinking what is the min length for shock.

Looks like you can you do little clearancing to shock tower. Looks also that you cannot take any material from arm bracket itself, because its straigth sides seems to hit to shock tower.

yeah, it looks totally different than later one. Maybe you could change latemodel shock towers, some work, but cheap in parts ;) I would consider this.

Body attachment points at rear may need massaging, but its quite common thing to install older body to latemodel chassis. I think mendeola oval has latemodel chassis too.

aartjan May 13th 2012 10:06

@Alex. Do you anyhow compensate for the (lateral) free-position of the uniball?
Both during installation and (toe-)alignment, you might induce static preload on the components which could decrease the 'reserve'. The load distribution between the components is not only determined by its geometry, but also by their relative stiffnesses. Especially compared to stock, the lateral stiffness of the setup is much larger. A stock springplate can easily flex in lateral direction and is therefore capable of handling all kinds of suspension irregularities. Since both the uniball housing and bracket have become quite stiff, the stresses will mainly concentrate on the thread which connects both parts. Quality and fabrication type is therefore important for its lifetime, as we all know.

Extending to the overall suspension: Increasing the stiffness of the inner pivot (for instance also a uniball) could maybe help to off-load the outer uniball setup, but at the same time would require more facilities to prevent excessive preload. The same reasoning can be done the other way around.

I am not trying to rant, but just interested in your opinion and general discussion, as you are confident enough to sell these setups. We've seen the pictures of failed uniball setups on this forum, so it is never bad to think about these things before being overwhelmed by those shiny parts ;).

-Alex- May 13th 2012 10:41

All i can say with confidence that my parts are as strong as remmele/mbt setup, if made from 7075 T6 alu :)

Housing design is similar, but thicker and has 20mm joint instead of 18mm joint. I also added side gussets to my design bracket, it made significantly stronger to resist bending.

Yes, its true that with this style parts, there is no more flex like with springplates.

Uniball joint itself in its housing can move sideways 4 degrees to both sides, but there is no joint slop at sideways inside housing.

Yeah, the threaded bar can indeed broke at any design, i have seen too. I think too that is caused by arm moving too much sideways caused by too much flexing inner bushing?

-Alex- May 20th 2012 09:11

I would / could do in a future modified connecting bar with two opposite direction threads, to have easier fine tuning. Too bad that my machinist doesnt have any left hand taps, they cost about 100 euros.

One possibility to convert existing assemblies to change uniball joint to left handed thread version and have made only connecting rod.

But i did design long holes to brackets for finetuning at 944 aluarm application.

Turbonutta June 17th 2012 20:43

these lookin real nice Alex ,can i ask what limits the downward travel (the springplate used to sit in the ledge) or how it could be done..

-Alex- June 18th 2012 05:12

There is more travel than with springplates, i dont know much more exactly.

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