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-Alex- April 2nd 2014 17:11

Here is latest kit for JMD. He will get his parts before easter.

-Alex- April 2nd 2014 17:17

Special offer! I can make TWO or THREE sets at once for the price of 670€. Single kit 740€. Offer is valid at this month :)

jmd April 3rd 2014 16:10

I've said it before and will say it again - Alex has been awesome!
Great communication, good updates - totally worked with me for all of my needs.


-Alex- April 4th 2014 15:23

I'll say this to all, there is always some little scratches on a hard aluminum like 7075 T6, and i'll usually take all sharp edges (easy to get cuts to your hand) nicely with smooth metal file and small fast spinning dremel carbide sanding band.

Also i add chamfer to pieces at edges where the rod end "comes out", it gives to it more room to move. Machinist is somewhat too busy i guess to make it most of the times.

At my ex work place, they did sometimes a lot of sanding and smoothing to aluminum parts if they were ment to be anodized.

jmd April 14th 2014 12:43

Got my parts this weekend.... simply amazing!
Can't wait to get them on the car and see how they fit!
They look just like the images above. Fit and finish is brilliant...

thanks so much,

-Alex- March 5th 2015 17:41

Again offering one kit at price 690€, this time for 944 aluarms, because i have one leftover pair of 944 aluarm brackets. Delivery time 3-4 weeks.

Exactly like this kit at the picture:

-Alex- April 28th 2015 12:14

Still have them.

-Alex- August 13th 2015 11:26

Yup, still have these for 944 aluarms :) Anyone needs?

-Alex- February 4th 2016 18:29

Still have :)

Tim February 17th 2016 02:49


Do you ship to Hong Kong? If so, how much is the shipping?


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