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Veedub March 21st 2007 01:57

yeah but the stick out on all 4 corners, frontend is like yours in your picture. the rear is bout half that.I thought bout using them but there 4.5" wide, if I build a hi po motor they might spin alot. Also they got a 0 offset and I dont think ghia discs will fit behind them.

I do have and idea for them but donno if it would look right. If I did use these, Id narrow the front 2" maybe that would be enough to allow me to lower the front 3" and then for the rear, buy 1 1/4" wider fenders to cover them fully and lower the rear 1 or 2". If i could maybe theres a tire that would fit better than a 195/60 does, they kinda balloon out but not really bad.

Veedub March 21st 2007 23:37

Either that idea or this.

If theres a 165/80/15's(or someting similar) with a performance look Id run them on the rear and if the size exists 165/60/15 (if they do exist I cant find any) for front.
Tire specs from a site I been playing on


Im trying to avoid the bubble look on my tires.

davetaylor March 22nd 2007 14:49

i think there's a 175/55/15 available. and there's an even smaller one, like, 165/45 or something crazy like that.

i'd spend the money on correctly sized wheels because once you factor in the price of wider fenders and a narrowed beam you could have a pretty nice set of wheels. ccc fenders are $200+ with shipping, so fenders alone are more than some sets of wheels.

Veedub March 23rd 2007 00:45

Actually I was looking at the wheels on my parts bug that has the 8 spokes on it, my 4.5's look like they are the same offset as those just not as wide. I found a place that sells 145/65's and thinking about eventually getting a set, and use the current tires just in the rear since the rear dont bother me.The more I look at it, I am thinking wider fenders wont be needed at all, just a 2" narrowed beam, I wont use drop spindles or disc brakes since I want the full 2" narrow of the beam.My motor will most likely have bout 100hp si it should still be able to stop good, with the added hepl of a smaller tire up front.

Veedub April 9th 2007 19:55

I guess Im just trying to get a different look while staying with the VW bolt pattern.I was thinking of going with the baja style rims but I think they would stick out alot even if they are 15x5 and 15x6 that Id want.

Veedub May 22nd 2007 00:34

Well...Ghia discs wont work on these do to the offset.
Which leaves me to ask, will Porsche 924 wheels 87-82 with the 4-108 bolt pattern fit inside the fenders of a 72 standard bug with stock fenders?im aware the vw pattern is 4-130 though.Anyone know the offset to these by the way?

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