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effvee November 6th 2014 23:40

3:44 r&p
Hi, who makes the 3:44 r&p ? Albin transmission $10,000 for a one off.

JIMP November 7th 2014 04:03

O.K this is what they need for this month to pay their bills? real bargain



effvee November 7th 2014 06:55

Hi,I guess it takes alot to change a bolt pattern in their process. Or just discourage me, well that'd worked. O well, I guess I'll have to go with a 915.

JIMP November 7th 2014 10:24

OK sorry to discourage you, but hei, for that price you should be discouraged! check this out, maybe it works for you,23697.0.html



rioprelude November 7th 2014 15:15

It looks like Weddle sells them for Type 1 transmissions:

effvee November 7th 2014 22:58

Ok, here is the issue, it's the Quaife diff. I've not seen the 3:44, but everyone says the 3:44 dimeter or bolt pattern won't work.

With a Rhino case built I would gain back some valuable spacp.

I had a thought of contacting Quaife ane see if they could sell a part, that the quaife bolt pa
attern would match. Man I sure would like to build that tramssmission.

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