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rioprelude July 10th 2018 23:34

68 Ghia Convertible
Killed the Choptop build, and starting a new build for my recently acquired 68' Karmann Ghia convertible. It was built as a show car over many years, but ended up with door gap/paint issues in the end, so I picked it up as a good driver.

It currently has a 2275cc Type 1 engine from Strictly Foreign with Big valve heads, DRLA 48mm carbs, c130 cam, and a sidewinder exhaust.

Airkewld 2" Balljoint beam w/ Airkewld brakes (5x130) front/rear
Stock swing axle pan w/ rebuilt swing axle trans

Watson Streetworks GM style wiring harness
Autometer gauges (w/ wierd gps speedo)
Huge JL Audio Stereo w/ subs behind the seats

Current Plans:
1. Install the 2.7L Type 4 engine I bought from Jakob @ GetBackOnTrack

2. Convert to the Mendeola Front/Rear Suspension/Brakes

3. Recover the Seats + Move stereo from dash to hidden console

4. Fix Paint/Door Gaps (last)

Looks like I will need narrower 17" wheels, will check the front boxster wheels later this week to see if they fit the body, etc.

Wally July 12th 2018 04:15

What a beauty!
And what a great looking engine! Looks like it has the same cooling system I now use. For your reassurance: It hasn't thrown a belt yet and I had it way over 8KRPM already :D

rioprelude July 12th 2018 23:23

Sweet, hoping to have it installed in the next month or two. Waiting for the exhaust from Tiger @A-1. Did you run 1 5/8" diameter exhaust with your normally aspirated engine?

Wally July 13th 2018 04:02


Originally Posted by rioprelude (Post 91104)
Did you run 1 5/8" diameter exhaust with your normally aspirated engine?

On the 2,2ltr, yes (although 42mm outside diameter, which is 39mm inside with a 1,5mm wall). 1 5/8" is 41,275mm outside which is very close and depending on your wall thickness.
Fact I ran that, doesn't neccesarily mean it was the right choice hey ;-)

On my old 2,7ltr I used a 1 7/8" though..

412STi July 13th 2018 19:54

Really nice car.
The cooling system is an invention of Dipl. Ing. Riechert from Velbert, Germany
Not always, but very often the wear on the V-belts is very high. So always take enough replacement.
The Boxter rims will fit well with this. But i think it need spacers.

Steve C July 16th 2018 06:10


rioprelude September 7th 2018 23:03

Build Update: The car had a nice GM style wiring harness from American Autowire (Sold by Watson Street works), but it was heavily spliced in places, and didn't have anything protecting the wires/bundles, so I could literally see individual wires running under the fenders to the headlights!

I happened to have the same harness from my other car, so I installed it, using Tech flex loom, and cloth harness tape for the interior runs. Added nice quick connectors to anything that might change, like the harness in the engine compartment, etc..

I need to get pics after, it's so much cleaner...

I also moved the fuel pump from the back of the car, to under the gas tank, and removed the AN fittings since it was still using the stock vw fuel line.

When I cranked the car up for the 3-4th time, with the new electrical system, the starter was apparently (always) missing it's top "D" bolt that also holds the engine to the transmission. So it moved, and ground a few teeth off of the flywheel!

I pulled the engine, and saw that the car is running solid transmission mounts for some reason, with a strap on the rear mount:

It's hard to see the missing teeth here, but it was 2-3 teeth:

So, I ordered a new flywheel, and will fix it next week. Also need to replace the cheap fuel pressure regulator, as the dellorto 48s are very sensitive to fuel pressure, and were leaking over 2psi.

rioprelude September 7th 2018 23:24

I have been collecting parts for the Type 4 engine, and received the exhaust from Tiger @ A-1, although I'm worried 1 5/8" might be too small for a 2.7L. I will order a larger size later if needed.

Since the Type 1 engine was out, waiting on a new flywheel. I ordered a new self supporting starter, and new rubber front/rear trans mounts. Got those installed this week:

Tried to test fit the Type 4, but it was getting stuck in the engine compartment, so I read a few threads about making the rear valence removable, and decided to give it a try:

I ended up cutting between a double bracket on each side, so that the body and the middle section each have a bracket, that should make joining them with bolts, much easier.

I was then able to roll the Type 4 engine into the engine bay, at a normal height (not 6ft in the air!):

Quick test fit of the removable valence, and everything clears:

Final shot with the Exhaust and carbs installed:

The car already has a full flow oil filter and Setrab single electric oil cooler/fan, which I'm hoping will be enough. For now, I have the stock oil filter blocked off, and I'm using a CSP adapter on the stock Oil Cooler for the full flow fittings. Hoping to be able to get it fired up late next week (waiting on parts, etc). I have a wideband gauge to help tune to DRLA 48's.

The only weird thing that happened, was all 3 studs that hold the top pulley on the horizontal 911 fan broke, and when I looked at it, they had allen heads on them to help thread, but they all broke right where the stud, and the allen tip meet, as it seems to be the weakest part on a small stud anyway:

Wally September 9th 2018 15:56

Can't see the pics mate?

rioprelude September 10th 2018 23:18

Oops..Looks like I didn't have them in my shared album on Google Photos. Should be fixed now.

Photo hosting is getting too complicated, we probably need to start hosting them here, so they don't get lost!

Wally September 11th 2018 15:14

Nice! Cool to see the flat fanned T4 in there! Wicked combo in that awesome Ghia convertible.
Headers seem smallish for a 2,6ltr though, but maybe its just optical ;-)

Luismj September 20th 2018 04:59

Very Nice KG! Amazing

H2OSB September 20th 2018 15:48

I hope you and yours remained safe and undamaged through Florence.


rioprelude September 22nd 2018 22:44

Thanks guys. I'm still getting the Type 4 setup. Luckily, Hurricane Florence was just rain for my area.

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