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Alex July 25th 2002 21:16

What is your definition of the Germanlook style?
Let us hear what you think is considered GermanLook.

Is the the Porsche rims? !7" rims? Spoilers? Track car with no interior? Porsche brakes?

Would you consider a 67 with stock interior, chrome moldings and 17 inch Cup 2s a Germanlook style bug?


vujade July 25th 2002 22:12

German Look to me is the utilization of modern parts on our cherished old VW's. This could mean parts from Porsche, VW, Mercedes & even the aftermarket. I dont believe it it just limited to Porsche parts like some believe.

I dont think it should be limited to just one style either, it could include stripped out track ready cars & also modern looking streeters too.

Lets not turn the German Look into the *cal look where we all have same retro look cars with BRM Rims, 135 Tires, turbo muffler & lowered more in the front then the rear!

*Nothing against the Cal Look personally, I have been a fan for many years since the early 80's. But as of recently it has turned a bunch of homogenized cars with basically the same setup with different paint jobs! I remember a time when cal look meant anything from mono tone paint jobs to graphic paint jobs & everything in between.

Superman July 26th 2002 00:16

Monochromatic paint scheme
late model Porsche wheels (16" and up)
big brakes (944/951/911)

it's that basic to me but everyone can't have the same thing so certain aftermarket wheels to meet the grade

Alex July 26th 2002 00:56


I really like your reply. Germanlook for me is high tech. With what parts I achieve it I do not care. It is interesting to see what the Germanlook means to others. I was thinking about writting an article but honestly I can not do it. I think there are too many flavours to generalise. It is what the individual makes out of it.


bren July 26th 2002 05:40

im with vujade 100% if i go by supermans definition, then my car doesnt fit into the germanlook or eurolook styles.. , but it features modern aftermarket rims, parts from modern vw's and a largely stock body..

trevorbrady July 26th 2002 11:28

I guess mine is similar to Bren's.
The body is mostly stock (albeit stock pre '67, which isn't stock for my '73. Confused?) with blacked-out chrome bits.
I've got 17" modern aftermarket non-Porsche wheels, lowered all round, 4 wheel cross-drilled disk brakes (again, non-Porsche) uprated suspension, modern interior with bucket seats and harnesses. The only Porsche items on my car are the steering wheel and gauges. Soon to have IRS and maybe a roll cage if my insurance agrees...
Oh, stock 1600 motor too...

Dan Zink July 26th 2002 11:33

I consider my car to be a "German Look" Bug.

Now - I've "only" got CB disc brakes, and I "still" have my chrome trim, and I have "overrider" bumpers, I have a pretty "stock" interior...

If this was the DKP or Cal-Look - I figure I'd be ostracized because it doesn't fit in "exactly" as described....

But - I do have a stompin' type4 motor with fuel injection/MSD and a knock sensor, and I "do" have 17" rims with wide tires......

I tell people it's German Look - or "Euro" look....whatever.

Alex July 26th 2002 12:26

Hi Dan,

good to see you here. I agree with you. The funny thing is that some of the Callook cars could be considered GermanLook too. They use Fuchs rims. Looking at Keit Seume's book there was an Oval with Fuchs that was described as a Germanlooker.

Maybe it was becasue it was actually a bug in Germany
It was owned by a German T1 tuner Welsch.


lightning bug July 26th 2002 17:38

I would have to agree with vujade, Bren and Alex. I don't think it should be limited to Porsche parts. I guess we would have to call it "Porsche look" then. The way I see it is German/ Euro look is all about performance when you get down to it. Nothing like a well-engineered German automobile. I just hope we never see "Chevy look":toilet: Sheesh!

Superman July 26th 2002 18:34

I agree with everyone. I mean each person has what they like and there is no way that any car will fit into just one "look". If we all did that it would be bland and boring.

Take me for example, I have a GTI engine in my car... what "look" is that? I have the 'one-piece' windows in my doors, so that's a bit of Callook in it... and so on.

In the early 80's the AMG company would take a baby-benz and put a huge motor in it, 17" wheels, and a mono scheme paint job... to me that was the pure beginning of the "Euro-look".
My Bug is basically this idealology but with a VW/Porsche based car. I don't use any other parts that don't come off a VW, Porsche, or Audi.

I tried to sumerize it above but I think Vujade did a better job with his statement, "German Look to me is the utilization of modern parts on our cherished old VW's".

Bren (I like your car and this is not a shot but an example), to me your car is not Germanlook. Your car, to me, is Callook with some Eurolook wheels. I don't consider anything other than (944 non-turbo at least) Porsche brakes to be euro or german "look". On that same note I'll be the first to admit that these brembo brakes are MAJOR overkill and the Type I (Ghia based) disc brakes are fine. My Dad's '66 'Vert (IRS pan with discs) stops on a dime.

When I started my "Super Volkswagens" site years ago and when Brian (STF owner) made me a forum for it I named it "Eurolook" due to the fact that Germanlook (even though that is what my car is/will be) is a nice style but if we conformed to that all our cars would look the same. Bren's car is a good example of "Eurolook" and a nice look. Back in the day Motor Trend magazine use to call the AMG cars the Eurolook style and that is where I got that term.

I guess my point is that none of our cars are just one certain look and we all define things differently. What one considers callook the other may call it eurolook, etc. Our cars each have their own style and individuality. Don't build your car to please a judge at a show or a group of peers. Make your car however you'd like and even make your own look or style!

vujade July 26th 2002 19:20

Ive enjoyed everyones comments so far. It looks to me like everyone has similar views with there own personal twist. This is great! It should keep things progressing. I think this look has been a long time coming. I myself was wondering a few years ago when the VW scene was going to grow up so to speak. With all we've learned over the last thirty years technologically speaking, its just dont make sense to build our cars using old technology. To me, the german look is what the Cal Look should have evolved into, instead it stayed the same as it was 30 years ago!

just my 2 cents

vert July 26th 2002 19:50

To me the Germanlook can be lots of things, i guess mainly 17's stock trim, type 4 motor and big brakes being Porsche or something else that is big enough to fill the wheels. On my own Cabrio its a dark metallic paint with color matched top, BIG type 4,
17" Porsche wheels, dash,brakes, suspension and recaro's with leather etc. Like Alex says, i too want my car to be as high tech and as modern as i can make it. Ofcourse everyone has different ideas what they would like for their car and at the end of the day everyone should be encouraged to build their car as they would like it to be.

Superman July 27th 2002 00:23


Originally posted by vert

On my own Cabrio its a dark metallic paint with color matched top, BIG type 4, 17" Porsche wheels, dash,brakes, suspension and recaro's with leather etc.
Yea!!! Now that's what I'm talking about -- pure Germanlook

Here's another name I was thinking of...

Kafer-Cup look

Gutted interior with one fiberglass racer bucket.
Completely dechromed with flared fenders and airdam.
Brembos & 17"s or bigger
Battery in front... etc.

vert July 27th 2002 01:56

Yep, a buddy of mine has a 1302 like that- totally stipped out exept racing seats. Fully painted inside, carbon door panels etc.
2.4 type 4, flared guards etc etc. He's actually mounted the battery in the front with an alloy X brace mounted also.:silly:

petevw July 27th 2002 15:09

being different,
driven by technology,
thinking "outside the box"

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