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72marinablue July 26th 2009 19:43

BBS RS's Mounted
I love it.

fast Ed July 26th 2009 20:37

That looks sweet!! Very classy.

Ed N.

chug_A_bug July 26th 2009 22:07



72marinablue July 26th 2009 22:21

Thanks guys. You are all my inspiration.

NO_H2O July 26th 2009 23:45


cookvw July 27th 2009 02:10

HOLY F-ING SEX BATMAN!!!!!! DAMN...that shizz is HOTTTTTTTT! congrats... you just made #1 on my list of who i an jelious of!

kafercup July 28th 2009 14:34

What size and offset did you use?

72marinablue July 28th 2009 14:50

They are 16x7 and 16x8 et49 all the way around. I have drop spindles in the fron that push the wheels out 6mm on each side. I am also running 15mm spacers in the rear. They do not rub at all. I had to take the stock swaybar off because the fronts were rubbing the clamps but other than that its good. Slightly smaller turning radius.

Phat73VW July 28th 2009 19:57

BBS's look right at home on a Beetle! Love the new wheels man ;)

72marinablue July 29th 2009 01:17


Originally Posted by Phat73VW (Post 70778)
BBS's look right at home on a Beetle! Love the new wheels man ;)

I think so to! I am glad everyone likes them. The next thing to come are full whiteline swaybars.

Jim July 29th 2009 08:35

Very nice choice!!!

Steve C July 29th 2009 09:19


They look really nice, what else is happening with the bug?


72marinablue July 29th 2009 19:33

Swaybars are next. Eventually I am going to go with some Recaro seats. I really like the ones that came in the mk2 gti and gli but am not too keen on the colors. I would also like to put a 2.0 type 4 in. Something with some decent power but also daily drivability. Prob work some 914 heads, carbs, cam so on. Nothing too crazy. Other that that I am very happy with it. What I am trying to build is an old car, that performs more along the lines of a new car, but also has the nostalgia factor. I really like the concept of "OEM plus." taking parts from other cars while keeping the over all flavor the same.

johnnyvee July 29th 2009 22:47

so sexy

Lid August 23rd 2009 15:52

Cool car and rims. I also have the same rims. What tiredimension do you have?

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