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SuperRSi September 17th 2014 13:17

2.3L Type 4 engine complete without exhaust
I have decided to spend the money and build a 2.8L with the nickies, case and Klaus cooling parts I bought here from Alex N. about 10 years ago!

So I am putting up for sale my 2.3L that includes a FAT 911 shroud with powder coated red fan, DPR 78 crank, Web hydraulic camshaft, big valves, CB Venturi modified Italian webers, sync link throttle etc.
When built the 914 guy I bought it from built two and they engine dyno'd above 185 hp.

Asking $5,000.00 plus shipping. Do not think you could build it again much less than $10,000. It is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

See pictures on my Kaefer Convertible build thread.


SuperRSi October 4th 2014 13:13

May work a deal with the stainless BAS Cup exhaust. If you are thinking about a hot Type 4, you cannot build one for this.

SuperRSi November 5th 2014 08:04

Garage cleaning time. So what if I throw in turbo calipers and their 944 rear trailing arms?

SuperRSi November 8th 2014 14:15

No market for one of these? Germanlook is dead!

70Turbobug November 12th 2014 09:25

$5000 is a great buy! The Italian Webers alone are worth $1000. Definitely can't build one from scratch for that price...

SuperRSi December 31st 2014 20:53

Never mind this is going in my Manx for now and the Subaru STi is going in the Bug. Thanks anyway.

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