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effvee March 19th 2016 04:48

Hi every one, about four months ,I bought some magnesium metals, 3"x8" round stock, and a.750x12x12 flat stock. I also had a bell housing from an old project. My goal was to make a mount to run the engine on. But, just the welding rods are oner 200$, let alone the welders fee:eek:.

Here's my question, I'm told that some of the late models bus trans bell housing, were bolted onto the trans, what year are they, if the is true.

rioprelude March 22nd 2016 14:12

I think all of the 002/091 bell housings were removable (My 69' 002 was). They occasionally pop up on for sale.

Bad bug April 25th 2021 09:28

Yes all the 002/091/094/091-1 bellhouse are removable.

Blizzard April 25th 2021 17:17

You can use any beetle transmission and cut a ring about 5cm wide from the flywheel side of the transmission. If you use 3cm. long M10 nuts to mount the engine to that ring you can bolt it to an enginestand and run it that way.

Like this.

Bad bug April 26th 2021 16:13

Is anyone running an 091 with say a 250 HP - 300HP naturally aspirated 2.7ltr - 2.8ltr t4 engine in bug.

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