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Alex September 1st 2003 14:44

Monthly meetings in Oakville
We will meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Duck and Firkin (or so) at Ford Drive and Royal Windsor at 7:30 PM.


Coming from TO on QEW:
Exit at Ford Drive and go south (left) on Ford Drive.
Stay on Ford Drive until you pass Royal Windsor. The bar is on your right in that little strip mall.

Coming from Hamilton on QEW:
Exit at Royal Windsor and follow the street. You will pass the Ford plant on your left. Once you get to Ford Drive make a right. you will see the bar on your right hand side.

Coming from Brampton on 403:
Exit at Upper Middle Road/ Ford Drive. Make a right on Upper Middle Road. At the next light make a left on Ford Drive. Continue on Ford Drive until you pass Royal Windsor. You will see the bar on your right.

The bar is located on the other site of the Petro Canada gas station which is located on the south/east corner of Ford Drive and Royal Windsor.

Hope to see you all there.
Let us know if you can not make it.


Alex September 1st 2003 14:47

For September 2003 the meeting will be on the 9th (2nd Tuesday).

I just thought that some would need the reminder. The last two meets were great even though only a few showed up.

Sandeep September 1st 2003 15:58

I might be there .. depends on if the new addition to the family will let me be there ! :D


Rob September 4th 2003 09:15

I'll be there.....


petevw September 4th 2003 22:02

so will i

petevw October 6th 2003 00:14

who is coming on the 14th??

Rob October 6th 2003 08:48

I'm planning on being there.


Sandeep October 6th 2003 08:54

I will be there as well.

Rob, can you bring the bumper and rear kick panel covers ?


Can you bring the 911 headlights ?

I got mine from CIP1 today and you are right .. two fluted lenses, one for the headlight, and one for the cover ! So I will buy the 911 setup from you.


I have a set of early (66 and down) new headlight assemblies (American) and a set of 911 lenses and seal (Like on the CIP1 website)

I'll bring them with me, incase anyone wants to buy them for my cost, otherwise I'll be shipping them back.



Rob October 6th 2003 09:06

Hey Sandeep,

Yeah I'll bring the parts.

Jamie, let me know if you are coming and I'll bring the steering


CLKWRK October 6th 2003 10:25

i will be there

67ghiaTIV October 6th 2003 12:19

I'll try to get the time off work, I definetly would like to be there.


ajracer October 6th 2003 23:16

Sorry guys I will be away in Beijing, China to visit with my
daughter on the 14th. but will attend next meeting and give
you all an update on the progress of the Super Beetle. Getting
ready for the paint shop later this month, then the slow process
of putting her back together. (Any ideals on time needed ?)

Sandeep thanks again for the opportunity to get together the
week and "feel" a type IV powerplant; really enjoyed the time
and the discussion. I'm getting closer to planning mine type IV
and giving lots of thoughts to what my approach will be for next
winter and also the GL look, already have some parts including
the 944 front brakes and 901 5 spd. tranny which I am thinking
of making use of after some consideration for the gear ratios.
Thanks again and all the best guys.

Allan (Insurance Guy)

petevw October 7th 2003 03:01

sandeep, clkwrk, you guys bringing the vdubs? i am.

Alex October 7th 2003 08:16

I will be there.

I will bring the stuff :D.


Sandeep October 7th 2003 09:14

I'll bring the 'dub.


Are you giving any rides in your beast ? Can I buy a ticket ? :D I'm thinking of buying some straight cut cam gears but am not sure how loud they get. (Is that a good excuse or what :silly: )


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