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Bugged August 19th 2013 23:59

New 1303 Dash
Glassaction's newest addition. They happen to be about an hour from my house so I was thinking of maybe taking a trip down there. What do ya'll think?
Sorry the pictures are so big.

H2OSB October 9th 2014 18:30

I think it looks awesome. LOTS of room for various guages and switches. I am almost CERTAIN these guys had a booth at the VW Classic.

***EDIT*** OMG I'm so embarrassed! I didn't even look to see how old this post was. Still, I like the dash. ***EDIT***

Scotts73SB October 9th 2014 23:17

Only 4 years old haha..

I agree looks nice.. looks better in black tho!

Humble October 12th 2014 15:45

Well thanks for dredging it up at any rate, I might grab one of these for the race bug.

H2OSB October 13th 2014 01:46

I wrote to the company that makes this dash a couple of days ago. Real nice guy who responded. I had seen their booth down at the VW Classic earlier this year. The dash is a two piece upper/lower design that is then bonded together. The price is down to $229 now.

According to their website, the dash comes with all of the stock openings already cut out for knobs, switches and ashtray.

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