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T5WOB December 29th 2010 14:16

1302LS bug 1972
hi guys .i am about to fit a 914 box. and bug @5speed shifter .the car was a auto now going manual irs ,now gear rod .how does it go in .from the front or rear .the bug at 5 speed has a round rod holder under the shifter .for the gear rod .and looking at it seems .the rod has to go in from the front of car .but cant find any access hole on a MACFERSON strut bug .i have done this on a 69 bug no probs .any help thanks martin

Pablo December 29th 2010 15:00

Its in the front just like what you have already done, my 1303 had a crumple panel there which acts as the cover as shown in Jims picture, remove that & you have your hole.

T5WOB December 29th 2010 15:13

thanks for the pic .do i need to cut a hole like in pic .or can i get to crumple panel any other way .thanks martin

Pablo December 30th 2010 04:46

No need for the hole, its all accessable from underneath. That crumple panel unbolts, 6 or 8 bolts. Two of which are the cover plate as per your other car.

I forgot I had taken a picture of mine, you can just make out the cover plate that I have cut down out of the crumple panel...

T5WOB December 30th 2010 17:21

thanks for that info .i will have ago soon and a good look soon ..thanks martin

T5WOB January 2nd 2011 13:53

got the pan cover plate off now .can see into the tunnel .let the work start .914 box to go in next job

Henrywiple March 18th 2019 08:15

1302LS bug 1972
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