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Wally December 4th 2016 18:00

Porsche 6-pots on the front
For a pretty long time now I am trying to fit my 996 GT2 front (350x32) ceramics on the front of my 1303, but I ff-d up...
The problem was/is that the 944 turbo-Cup (with radial mount, M030), which fitted the other porsche calipers (130mm bolt centers) fine, don't ff-ing fit the yellow calipers which apperently have 142mm bolt spacing :angry:

I still have a set of regular 944 N/A spindles, so maybe that is the way, although I then need a set of new coil-overs and a set of fitting adapters...
Anybody have/sell such adapters?

Wally December 4th 2016 18:02

Another option is finding/using the original 996 GT2/3 bearing carriers / spindles and adapt their surrounds to the 1303 bits...(?)

effvee December 5th 2016 01:41

Hi Walter, question about your choice in brakes. I have heard horrors on the front biasing of the larger caliper braking. How do you plan to address the biasing aspect. If you choke back lots of the front braking ability, why go big?

Wally December 5th 2016 03:21

The huge size is indeed not neccesary. The ceramics are only there in an attempt to save weight. I have the same disks on the rear, so bias is basically secured to be in the ballpark.

In hindsight, other low-weight good braking options might have been the better solution. But you know how that goes: the you start with a cheap ceramic disk and it kinda evolves from there :lmao:

The 996 spindles are an alu cast piece, which might save a little weight even more...(if I can find them in GT2/3 form)

Wally June 29th 2017 12:02

After half a year of chasing parts and finally test fitting them and even driving a few meters with it, it turns out the volume needed to push 6 pods back in is too much for my (already uprated to 23,8mm) master cylinder...

It seems 996 GT2/3 uses 25,4mm master cylinder diameter. It hard to grasp why 23,8mm is then really too small.. Pedal dives all the way in after you release the brake and brake again. After two, three stumps its back up and very hard/solid, but that just won't do of course.

That was/is extremely frustrating to find out after so long. I am not ready for Tilton clutches and all, so if other good ideas fail, I will (need to) go back to a smaller disk and caliper and be done with it.

flat June 29th 2017 23:59


It should work. The piston area between 944 Turbo S calipers 38/44mm and the GT2 28/32/38mm is almost negligible. You may have bad piston seals or you arent fully bled.


ricola July 3rd 2017 11:56

what about changing the pedal ratio?

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