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vw1303 January 23rd 2010 20:00

ej20t 1303 project
Took delivery of my new engine yesterday and have been busy.
I had actually ordered a twin turbo motor but this one showed up.
I`m going to stay with the single turbo motor as it is soooooooooo much simpler than the tt motor. Test fit :twisted:
Now I need to source a radiator, fuel cell, and ecu.
These 4 cam motor are wide!! There is going to need to be some trimming done to my removable rear valence.

effvee January 24th 2010 15:16

Looks nice
Hello, your porject looks very nice, keep up the good work. I have been looking a the late model 6 cylinder Subaru engine. I am thinkin about trying to get one for maybe a 914 setup. I bought a 2.7 911 in pieces, but I just don't like the high reve needed to produce the horse power I want. But on the other side, I would not have to worry about the radiator and it location issues.

If I recall correctly, one member stated the late model 6 cylinder was not that much longer than the 4 cylinder. I'll hold on and wait and see what I can get about this engine, this year. Couple that engine with a Audi 4 speed automatic and I believe that setup will be very hard to beat in a 914:D

O and a radiator from a 1994 Jeep Cherokee would fit very nicely in the nose.

vw1303 November 17th 2010 15:20

Moved my car from the "farm" in Abbotsford to Vancouver.
Never mind the trailer :shocked:
Ordered some parts.
Started to install parts.
HKS BOV going to be integrated into intercooler.
Exhaust fabrication. Ordered cheap wrx down pipe. Holes didnt line up on the turbo, had to "elongate" them. Chopped it up and added a 3" elbow.
Cooling system fabrication. Using abs piping as a template, then building the whole system out of 1.5" stainless piping.
Against what alot of people are doing, Im running my coolant tubes inside the car. My car is very low and I cant run them under the body due to them contacting the pavement. More parts are on order. Air filter. Radiator. NACA ducts. More pictures to come.

Bug@5speed(US) November 17th 2010 17:05

Was curious as to which radiator your going with.

I am wrestling between a custom and a scirocco


vw1303 November 17th 2010 17:40
I'm using this one. Designed for a civic. But comes with two fans and should fit nicely. Dimensions are 26" wide by 17" high. And has the inlet and outlets on the same side which is a benefit for me as Im running both of my coolant tubes on the passenger side of the car.

Bug@5speed(US) November 17th 2010 23:55


vw1303 November 30th 2010 12:53
Took delivery of my radiator. Felt weird putting it in:eek: But it fit perfectly.
Coolant pipes now made of stainless.
More work on the downpipe.
My magic mushroom intake.:lmao:Decided to continue with the HKS theme.
Flanges welded onto intercooler for BOV.

bow December 2nd 2010 00:08

AWESOME! ive got my eye on this thing

Jim December 2nd 2010 08:39

Very good looking dark side project!!! keep going....

vw1303 December 6th 2010 14:51
More coolant pipe fabrication.
Revised my charge piping. Fits perfect now.:)
My mount for the intercooler. I drilled and tapped the alternator bracket for a couple of M8 bolts. Still need to work on supporting the other side as well.

Moderator : Could you please move this thread to the "Project Builds"


Eatoniashoprat December 14th 2010 14:54

Subscribed, This thing looks pretty solid, nice welding! I might steal your idea in the future and redo my coolant pipes like yours, looks very clean.

We have differing opinions on what tire widths look good :lmao: (I don't understand the stretched look:confused:) but its all about building what you want so thumbs up there.

Is this going to be race only? Ready for GCVWS next year?


vw1303 January 10th 2011 12:43

Too much influence from the watercooled guys:D

Finished my radiator mount and shroud.
And old picture I dug up. My dad's cabrio and friends bus.
More coolant pipes to weld and bead roll. Ordering Stinger ECU and clutch soon:)

Eatoniashoprat January 10th 2011 13:28

Looking good!

It doesn't look like you have a rad shroud after the radiator? I would highly suggest this as it is often overlooked. Shrouding and ensuring adequately flow AFTER the rad is almost more important than getting air to the rad. Temps under there will get VERY high. On my conversion I made the shroud out of steel and it is almost air tight, and it gets quite hot in there just from heat radiation. I'll be making one out of fibreglass this winter to help that.

Just my $0.02, keep it up!


owdlvr January 10th 2011 13:55

Definitely looking good. Hope to see it at GCVW's this year.


vw1303 January 10th 2011 14:40

Eatoniashoprat : What does your ducting look like after the rad fans?
Also what clutch are you using? Im deciding between a kennedy stage II and their twin disk set up.

Really going to try to make GCVWS this year:)

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