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Steve C January 7th 2011 07:22

My other 1303 GL
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I've been building a 1303 for the last 6 years. I just got it back from the paint shop.

I used to have a build thread on my car clubs website but thats gone now, so I will add what I can here.

Basically its 1973 1303, it was given to me 2002, I started working on it on & off in September 2004.

Ive fitted the brakes from my old 1302, 996 rears on the front with 930 rotors, Boxster rears with 944 rotors.

86 alloy arms, G50 transmission & 2003 2 litre STI, 18x8 Simmons wheels etc

I stuffed up the suspension height.


jeroen021 January 7th 2011 14:35

Already looking good :cool:! More Photos/info please :)

NO_H2O January 7th 2011 19:31

Very nice. That should be a fun ride. Don't forget to swap the front wheels around.

Steve C January 8th 2011 00:36


You spotted my deliberate mistake, not really the panel shop owner was really keen to shut up shop and go home, so I just grabbed the nearest wheel.


onixbonilla January 8th 2011 12:49

As you stated on other thread you had been a long time on these. I take my hat off on your work. I simply love your new project. With all your experience on these projects it would be a serious headache for a lot of those new "Sport Cars"!!!:D

dub_crazee January 8th 2011 16:36

i like this car a lot! id love to see more pics!

wrenchnride247 January 8th 2011 23:08

Looking good Steve!!! :)

Clatter January 9th 2011 21:17

X3 on seeing some more pics.

Looking inside there at the back seat area, i can spy a G50 house..

Would love to see how this all got fabbed up!

Steve C January 12th 2011 08:15

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I've been putting in some late nights getting my bug finished.

I haven't taken any more progress shots but I will post some of the earlier information on the car.

I originally had a 1302, I bought it 2nd hand in 1973 when it was 6 months old. I evolved this car with a turbo 2.1 Wasserboxer, 944 rear end and with brakes I've now fitted to my new 1303.

John Polden the original owner of the my "new" 1303 and I worked together for some time at a Sydney performance VW shop called Powertune. We have remained friends over the last 30 odd years and when John decided to move to Queensland Gold Coast I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to obtain this car. The was sold to V Force and stripped of its goodies then Richard at V Force gave me the rolling shell.

I've kept a lot parts from my 1302, brakes, suspension, seats, cooling system parts etc. Rather than use the water-cooled Transporter engine again, I have purchased 2003 Subaru WRX STI engine which has only done 13,000 kilometres to fit to my new project. 195 kW+ from the factory should make for an interesting ride. In place of the modified Type 1 box I'm now using a G50.

John Polden the original owner of my 1303 competing at Amaroo and Silverdale Hillclimb in the early 1980s, it was a street car then, running a 2180 cc Type 1 motor with 48 IDAs, it gained many FTDs at various speed events and it used to do the 1/4 in mid 13s back in the early 1980s. John later fitted a Mazda 12a rotary motor that first saw duty in a Group C touring car, John then ran the car as a sports sedan. The Beetle was put in his shed in 1985, when John decided to move to Queensland he sold the car to V Force, then I acquired it from V Force.


Photos, yellow bug is my old 1302, blue bug is the one I'm rebuilding and is now orange

Steve C January 12th 2011 08:25

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More history, sorry if I'm boring anybody.

This car had not been driven since 1983 and was virtually rust free, I acquired this car in 2002 and then brought it home in September 2004 after it had been sitting in a friends shed, I had sold my yellow 1302 earlier in 2004, I always wanted a 1303.

The previous owner had fitted rack & pinion from a 75 bug. and cutout the spare wheel area to house a radiator.


Steve C January 12th 2011 08:33

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More old photos.

My STI motor had only travelled 13000 ks and my G50 came from a low mileage Jap import.

I moved the motor and transmission forward 100mm, had to cut the torsion housing and I ended up using 40 hp length 26 mm sway away torsion bars, I had a stroke of luck, the G50 shift rod turned out to be exactly the correct length.


Steve C January 12th 2011 08:44

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The G50 is very hard to keep stable on a jack, so I made this bracket to hold it on my jack.

I've used the stock G50 alloy mount, I welded some tabs onto the chassis for it bolt onto and I had move the mounting slightly using some aluminium blocks.

I cut the centre spline from 2 chassis and had an outer sleeve made

I welded the splines in with "rose bud" welds so that 40HP / 1500 Beetle length 26 mm torsion bars poked out the correct amount to mate up with 944 spring plates.


Steve C January 17th 2011 08:42

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I'm trying to keep this build thread chronologically correct.

I will get to the newer stuff soon.

This is how the reinforcing started off on the torsion bar housing.


Steve C January 17th 2011 08:52

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I widened the engine bay area around the bumper bracket, my motor has variable valve timing there is a huge lump on the left rear cam cover that I had to be careful to make room for.

These motors are real tight fit and are also a pain as they want to fall off the jack all the time, that's why I made motor dolly with wheels, even when the motor is sitting on the floor it wants to fall over onto the flywheel. You will notice that I have jack stands under the engine dolly, this is to prevent the weight of the motor tipping the car over backward, might not happen, just being careful, it actually did happen to me while fitting a motor to Notchback that no front-end in it.

Steve C February 11th 2011 19:48

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I used this Bay Window Kombi transmission frame that I bought at the Valla swap for $5.00 to give some extra support for the transmission, this will also be useful to keep the transmission steady when the motor is removed.

Here you can see how close the cam covers come to the rear apron, even with the motor 100 mm forward.

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