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ricola January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about ricolas ride

DORIGTT November 17th 2003 19:49

How does your chargecooler setup perform in respect to intake temperature drop across the intercooler?
What is your coolant mix?
What are the physical dimensions of your heat exchanger for the chargecooler coolant.
Have you noticed increased performance over the air-to-air setup?
How does the car perform? Any noticeable drop in performance as the temps rise?

How would you rate the shifting of the 915 trans? Have you been able to shift 'quickly'? I'm not talking about all-out drag racing...ok maybe I am:)

Any plans to increase power, or have you reached the chassis' limitations?

Thanks in advance.

ricola November 18th 2003 04:59

I've now sold the speedster and never got round to monitoring temps properly (just fitted a K type prope into the intake for a few days). To be honest it had more than enough power so I wasn't trying to get any more out of it.
I only used a small amount of antifreeze in the chargecooler and used the original Subaru rad and pump.
The way it was the air/air didn't get any flow so I changed more to protect the engine than anything. There was so much power that a difference wouldn't be that noticable!

It was amazing how the chassis performed. It had no right beign that good, but I suppose lack of weight and what weight there was was nice and low, plenty of people were amazed by how well it gripped and the progressive handling.

If you want to shift quickly I wouldn't go for the 915, it's renowned in Porsche circles for liking a steady shift. Although you can go for race style synchro rings...

Hope this helps...

DORIGTT November 18th 2003 08:12

You sold it!:eek:

Thanks for the info! Are you going to use a similar suspension setup on your Ghia?

ricola November 21st 2003 06:41

Yhea, I had taken it as far as I would ever want to and just got bored without a 'project'...
Erm, do you mean the wishbone design or the coil-overs?
The Ghia is stock puma beam. I'll get back onto the wishbone design next summer and then I'll have to find a car to test it on! I've sold the Ghia ot my brother who is having it in a few weeks time


DORIGTT November 21st 2003 10:22

I was referring to your coil over set-up.

ricola November 24th 2003 13:41

The coil-overs were fine for the speedster as the front end really needeed softening and braking/ride was definitely improved. Just have to come up with a better method of locating the trailing arms. Concerns have also been raised about putting the whole weight through the lower shock mount...

ricola June 16th 2005 10:24

Time for project number 3!
If you haven't seen on my website, I am on to my next project now.
It's a late 1303 cabrio and I am in the parts collecting phase.

So far I have only fitted the kerscher struts

and test fitted the cup 2s

ricola June 16th 2005 10:25

Still to come are these:

and most importantly this!

Keep up with my progress on my website...


Rob June 16th 2005 21:15

EJ20T ?


ricola June 17th 2005 04:21

Yes, it's a WRX RA model that is 260bhp standard :D should suffice!


Originally Posted by Rob
EJ20T ?


libila June 17th 2005 13:33

What are your plans for a transmission, ECU, engine mounting? I've got an EJ20T too, but I think I'm going to hold off installing it for quite a while.

Have you seen this yet?

SuperRSi June 17th 2005 14:49


If I can finish my Manx in the next few weeks, I will plunge into my 79 convert that I am going to install a 2004 US STi engine on a 930 trans. I have the Kerscher struts already on and the rear MBT coil-over set. I also have a set of Porsche GT3 radiators and A/C condensers for the front. Which trans are you going to use this time?

We seem to run parallel courses. My Manx got the Red9 setup after I read about your Speedster. So if you would stay about two months and several thousand $ ahead of me and then I can continue using your solutions.



ricola June 17th 2005 15:19

Yeah, I saw that speed sensor, but there is someone in the UK developing a bolt on solution which should be easier for me to get hold of and cheaper...

I'm going to use the stock AT trans for the beginning and maybe uprate to a pro street version a bit later on. I don't really drive that hard in reality!

At the moment my plans are: reverse rear engine cradle and use a 'berg' style mid mount, no front mount. That will get the engine comfortably under the body. I'll make up my own trapeze style bar at the back, I'm concerned a stock one wouldn't accomodate the turbo. Stock ECU, I was going to use Microtech but support is very limited for me in UK. Now my main problem is finding a suitable loom! I'll probably shorten the sump about 30mm

Randy: you seem to go just a bit further than me! I didn't want the hassles of using a newer engine wiht all the immobiliser stuff and variable cam stuff, 260bhp should be enough... I'd love to see some pics of your projects if you have any!


SuperRSi June 19th 2005 22:06


I just didn't know any better when I bought the 04 STi engine. It will be interesting. I already had the 930 LSD trans so in it goes. The poor car has been waiting for completion for about six years now, I have owned it for over ten. I have an engine kit (nickies, Klaus shroud, etc.) but it was cheaper to buy the STi than finish the T4... I will finish it someday and put it into the Manx. I just cannot afford two projects at once and must get the convert on the road soon or sell it all. That is the problem with these long projects, they absorb chunks of money for years and then you wonder how you got so much money in them.



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