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Blue Thunder December 31st 2004 06:29

Questions about Blue Thunders ride
Click here for more information on this ride.

Rob December 31st 2004 12:04

Hey Mooie Kever man ! :D

Is all the turbo work custom or is it a kit ?
Do you have it running ? Would love to hear it run...

Klasse !


Blue Thunder December 31st 2004 12:34

Thanks Rob!

I have it running, though I have some problems with the clutch (Stage III KEP with Sachs ceramic/organic disc). I already have a double disc setup from KEP waiting to be transplanted to cope with the clutch slipage :laugh:

Almost everything is custom made, exept for the header (CB Performance, modified for the KKK K26 turbo).
I made the intercooler from 2 Saab cores and the exhaust and inlettubing from scratch (and HEMA RVS Pollepels :D ).
I have a sprint video (acceleration 0 - 200+) of the car (7Mb) and I'll post a link if you'd like to see it.

(p.s. you can also check out the car on

Grt. Robin

Rob December 31st 2004 12:48


Would love to see the video.
Checked out the site as well, glad to see the Beetle is still popular in Holland :D

Where on the site can I find pics of your car ?



boblebaard December 31st 2004 12:49

Yes, please let us hav the link! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Blue Thunder December 31st 2004 13:15

OK, here's the link:

(downloads are limited (25 max) and the link will stay active for only 7 days)

The launch is quite mild to spare the clutch. (With open loop launch control activated I've roasted the clutch several times :rolleyes: )

More pics can be found on under fotoalbum/racing and tuning or by clicking on my profile (blue thunder)


Blue Thunder December 31st 2004 13:33

And here is a link to a picture of the engine:



Scotts73SB December 31st 2004 15:36

Now thats a beautiful car!!! :agree::agree::agree::agree:

justdubbin December 31st 2004 18:08

Very subtle.... Well except the Engine of course, but I like the way the opposition knows that there is a Turbo under the deck lid when you have blown them away :D

Blue Thunder January 1st 2005 08:05

Thanx guys!

There's still quite alot of work to be done (weld the intercooler to become a double chargecooler with a front mounted radiator, machine the flywheel to accept the dual disc clutch, apply a scavengerpump for the turbo (oil outlet), install the complete interior properly, modify the dash to accept a few Porsche gauges, install the waterinjection, etc.....)
Well, enough to be done this year, but I hope to be finished as soon as all the big events start.....

A wonderfull aircooled 2005 to everybody,

Grt. Robin

Wally January 1st 2005 14:29

Hi Robin,

Its very cool to see your car here as well :D I love your alu and stainless welding! Super nicely executed!

I hope you will have your intercooler sucking-in cool outside air very soon ;)


dirk.Gysbrechts January 1st 2005 14:59

Blue Thunder
Very Nice Car !!!!!!!

Blue Thunder January 2nd 2005 11:35

Thanks guys...
Hope to see you at Rosmalen next weekend!

p.s. Walter: Is your engine ready for a first run already?
As soon as it is, please give me a call....

Grtz. Robin

Racelook January 2nd 2005 20:15

Nice to see you here also Robin..

Keep up the good work!!


Sandeep January 2nd 2005 21:41

Incredible car .. thanks for the video. I LOVE the sound of the Blow Off valve !


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