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Wally April 13th 2009 13:52

Mythbuster: continuing project thread of my 1303 '75
I thought it was best to keep a sort of project thread/blog-like posting of the updates on my german-style 1303 from model year '75.

It all started in 1991, when I wanted an original '75 model 1303, registered for the first time in my country, the Netherlands. Not many have been delivered from that model year over here: only 32 !

Upon arrival:

I'll save you all 'the bad' pics, but it was very, very rotten. Largeluy due to the original sun-roof:

Drill-out all bad parts :

and replace with new. Also added some sill and chassis strength:

NO_H2O April 13th 2009 19:10

I would like to do a 75 1303 someday. I have always liked the idea of a sunroof, sedan with r/p steering. Looks like you have carved that one down to the bone.

wrenchnride247 April 13th 2009 21:22

Cool history Wally. :)

ricola April 14th 2009 04:09

I had a browse of your photobucket folder the other week when I was getting withdrawal symptoms, was a serious resto you did there!

Wally April 14th 2009 04:15

It has been a 9 year restoration process before she was taxed and inspected again...
Of course I also made the 944-Cup suspension under there in that period and had to figure it out all by myself as when (1994) I did the entire suspension mod, nobody I knew of had done that (alu trailing arms and Cup-spindles) before.

'After' pics:

Also moving house, which also meant moving the car from the farmers barn to the garage I first had to build myself behind the 'new' house back then (1998):

Finally, first time out, painted and on its own wheels (early 2000):

Gotta love the scanner :)

Wally April 14th 2009 15:11


Originally Posted by ricola (Post 68817)
I had a browse of your photobucket folder the other week when I was getting withdrawal symptoms, was a serious resto you did there!

Yes, you can say that for sure! Glad the resto is long behind me, but every now and then I am so glad I did it right back then.

So, first were the 16" rims from a 993 '94 model, then came the 17" BBS rims:

and of course the current 18" :

wrenchnride247 April 14th 2009 22:09


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 68819)

Finally, first time out, painted and on its own wheels (early 2000):

Gotta love the scanner :)

Man! I didn't know you had 993's on your's before... that's what I'm running. Look's like it's going to be 9 years for mine to be on the road too (4 years and counting)

Humble April 15th 2009 00:06

Wow, great progress pics. I don't think I could have finished restoring a pan and shell in such bad condition. I can barely finish the one I have in good condition :lmao:

Wally April 15th 2009 17:02

Hey, the Stig has arrived :D
yeah, I agree, you'd have to be pretty motivated to work in a half-open shed and get there after work and keep going till late at night, then peddle back home...:rolleyes:

Anyways, the reason its called 'Mythbuster' is because all the myths about parts that would not work have been busted so many times, I lost count.
Then of course the familiar 'type 4's can't dragrace'; the '915 transmission are not suited for fast shifting', let alone be used in dragracing; the 1303's (supers) cannot dragrace and 'you cannot turbo a type 4' myths.. :D
All busted.
The next one is of a well respected GL builder and type 4 specialist in germany that said you can't run high compression ratios with the Oettinger alu cylinder. Busted. Putting a turbo on them would be witchcraft, but is exactly what I am doing. Worse: its a 103 bore with stock, non-welded heads.
Some say...they will leak n/a, let alone with boost, if the cylinder wall doesn't collapse first.
Those two are going to be busted pretty soon too I hope ;)

Speaking of which:
The turbo engine is almost ready. It already ran, but I didn't seal one of the plugs behind the flywheel, so I have some work ahead of me.

I hope I can post a clip of it running leak-free soon!

typ4boy April 16th 2009 05:54

That 911 fan will never work........


Wally April 16th 2009 07:02


Originally Posted by typ4boy (Post 68896)
That 911 fan will never work........

Yeah, almost forget that one.
Also: it will rob a lot of power. Dyno showed otherwise...
Also: the horizontal fan will throw its belt... never happend ;)

Sandeep April 16th 2009 09:15

Awesome pics Walter .... especially the ones dealing with your restoration. Just the motivation I need to continue with my rustoration :D

Looking forward to your video of the running motor and some dyno sheets :eek:


Wally April 17th 2009 16:23

Thanks Sandeep!
I did deliberately put those horror pics up just for those how still have to do all the hard work and show you that my bug was once a 'basket case' too ;)

Especially for you I made a small vid of the first (well, second) start of the 2,2 turbo engine, partly finished. Its nothing special and one of many on yourtube of "I started my engine for the first time, hurrey" :lmao:
But you asked for it :D

To run her in, I did something 'terrible' and drove straight to the track day that was today :rolleyes:
It really was the first time the car stood on its own wheels for almost 3/4 of a year and the first time I could try-out the new gearbox (G50).
Let me tell you, the G50 shifts beautifully! Very light and easy. Bit long, but its a factory shifter after all.
Engine still had an oil leak behind the flywheel, although last night it seemed leak-free...probably therefore the clutch slipped some when the turbo cam in a bit sudden, but on the track today we (Marius has the blue oval with a tuned type 4 2.0 n/a engine) surprised many cars with our little bugs.

oasis April 17th 2009 22:37

Great thread. I always loved your cars. Nice to get an education along with it, too! ... plus I finally get to see the pics (work computer rejects sites like photobucket). Thanks!

Sandeep April 17th 2009 23:05

The engine sounds mean ! How does the drive compare to the old 2.0 with the 915 ? With the bigger displacement, you should have more torque to turn the gears for the G50 (but you knew that already ) :p

Datalogs from the S60 ? :D How about some track video ?!?! I should really be working on my car instead of spending time on the computer ....


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