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zen December 12th 2004 11:18

euro water-cooler pics
so as much as we love our air, most are doing something in the euro water-pumpers as well. be it a daily driver or just the need to spread your hobby, i'm betting alomst everyone on here has a sweet water-pumper with equally interesting mods. so let's see some pics!!!!!!!! give some details on your ride too.

i will start it out. here is the wife's car. bought it from ABD Racing. they built it as a parts hanger and we were in need of a car and i was knee deep in my bug. so made sense. they did some quality work. was featured in European Car and Euro Tuner. Mods details can be seen here.

and here is my 951. no major mods. just a Stage 2 Authority chip. most likely more to come if it doesn't sell soon.

NYBugman1972 December 12th 2004 21:18

I daily drive a mostly stock (for now) 2000 New Beetle 1.8T.

It will end up looking something like this photoshop I did...

I also plan on chipping the ECU as well as doing some more suspension mods. Read more about it on

Hey Zen, that's a heck of a Passat you've got there!

boblebaard December 13th 2004 04:53

I have posted pictures of both my cars on the readers rides topic...
Will post somtehing here later, when the stereo is finnished in the New Beetle. :)

boblebaard December 18th 2004 19:02


This it not mine, but you`ll see why I posted it. This caar is cool!

NYBugman1972 December 18th 2004 20:50

Holy crap that's a sick New Beetle :eek: I just love the Projeckt Zwo kit. Too bad it's not being brought into the US anymore :( Oh, and that 1303 isn't bad either ;)

boblebaard December 19th 2004 15:13


You could take a look at the bodykit from Caractere...

hybrid_john December 19th 2004 17:55

NICE! I love the Beetle's I would love to part in the van.......what a tailgater that would be! :haveadrin :drunk: :puke: :righton:

boblebaard December 19th 2004 18:45

I took a few pictures of these cars on my vacation on Iceland this summer.
44" tyres were quite common over there!!

Here are a few more!

boblebaard December 19th 2004 18:48

.... and then some........

NYBugman1972 December 19th 2004 19:59


Originally Posted by boblebaard

You could take a look at the bodykit from Caractere...

The Caractere kit is great, but I don't think i'm going to put any bodykit on my car, at least not anytime soon. I've even found a FMIC that will fit behind the stock bumper. Not really going for a sleeper look, just a "less is more" approach. Then again, more is more also ;)

boblebaard December 20th 2004 04:28

ABD Racng has a lot of performance parts for the 1,8T engine, including a FMIC!

Dahlback has a lot of goodies as well!


NYBugman1972 December 20th 2004 09:30

Dahlback is really starting to pick up in the USA, especially their ECU tuning. Some people have recently tested their intake manifold on a dyno with some very good results :)

boblebaard December 20th 2004 17:32

Dahlback is one of the big tuners here in Scandinavia, but there are several other tuners with cars that are even faster! (Loads of rice unfortunately) ;)

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