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ricola March 27th 2010 15:49

Dave Forder's new GL bug
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Saw his new chassis at the volksworld show today. It is the ex John Maher project that he has had Mark Dryden from flatlands engineering redo. Seems like a pretty decent spec...

Enjoy the pics!

ricola March 27th 2010 15:50

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few more pics...

NO_H2O March 27th 2010 17:33

Very nice.

bow March 27th 2010 20:26

nice but im not a fan of the shifter up that high looks outta place

cookvw March 28th 2010 00:21

i kinda like the shifter placement. you can keep your center of gravity lower with your seat position being lower, and the shifter will be right in arms reach.

ricola March 28th 2010 05:15

The really strange thing was that whoever put it together has put a single circuit brake master cylinder in and even got the brake and clutch cylinders on the wrong way round (ie left pedal is brake!)

dave18 March 28th 2010 08:11

Is it Legal to have you pedals round the wrong way ????

Whats that bar justinfront of the rear ARB, looks like its attached to the torsion tube, i noticed he is using Heim joints as well :cool::cool:

Sandeep March 28th 2010 09:11

Thanks for the pics, really nice chassis.


Humble March 28th 2010 13:55

He's definitely off to a good start, is there any other build information out there?

ricola March 28th 2010 15:01

That bar is the front trans mount. I'm sure (hope anyway!) that the m/c thing was a silly mistake... No other build info other than the fact it will be a Remmele inspired car with a 2332 turbo engine... The shifter is a Hargett aftermarket Porsche one for the 915.

Clatter April 3rd 2010 02:34

Pretty sweet the set of diagonals running to the ends of the horns from under the torsion tube.
Like another set of 'kafer bars' underneath.

Gotta dig the mounting of that 915.
Middle of the trans with that plate,
and at the nose, too, right?
That's what that smaller tube running under the torsion tube is for?

Might be the most stoutly rubber mounted transaxle i've ever seen.
Without using the body as an anchor point.
Anybody else get the hump from seeing engine mounts that tie into the body sheetmetal?
I know it works, but...

marco the T.S.E April 5th 2010 07:27

90% of the engineering for this pan is my work!!, i did this 5 years ago! and was never ment to be a show car!!!!! it was designed to be a daily drive that could beat an M3 on the street. there are some nice tricks in the front beam and rear suspention ;)
Marco Mansi.... MMP

ricola April 5th 2010 08:54

Hey Marco, who did you do the work for? Got a new project you can share? I remember the project you told me about at volksworld a couple of years ago...

Wally April 5th 2010 11:25

Very nice indeed!
I really dig the additional self-made trans mount in the middle.
Thanks for posting Rich!

marco the T.S.E April 5th 2010 13:42

i did the work for dave forder 5years ago, ts was no way to the show standard it is today, thats all marks work, hes very very good at the detailing, he made the mid mount for the gearbox, but for me its not needed, the front mount was made to handle all the power while still rubber mounted, to soften the vibration throu the pan, The bars that go under the irs arms from the end of the frame forks to the torsion tube, realy helps with a heavy engine when cornering!, the engine in my car with the 8in tarmac rally slicks on would corner almost 1g and the engine would move 1cm in that direction, these elimanated the problem., the front beam has my special barrings in that allows them to be compleatly independent with no horizontal movement and no wear!!!! (unlike the red9design).
if you have any Q i will be happy to answer them :)

marco mansi....MMP

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