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NO_H2O July 14th 2010 08:33

Y U BUGGIN Aug. 13-14
Atlanta Motor Speedway Aug 13-14. A VW theme night for the Friday Night Drags and VW Show/swap meet in the camping area outside the speedway on Sat. Camping available on site Fri. night.
Here is a link on the GA Dubs forum.

Who's going?

Lazarus July 20th 2010 13:17

wanted to give this a bump. also wanted to take a poll to see who may be headed to the ATL in mid august to sit in the sun.

Lazarus July 31st 2010 11:06

2 weeks. im back behind the wheel and should be walking w/o crutches by that weekend. im looking forward to it i may even be bringing a few vws from the upstate to the show as well.

wrenchnride247 July 31st 2010 22:42

I should be there the 14th. :)

wrenchnride247 August 14th 2010 22:48

Had a great time today (my son REALLY did!) I got a few shots on the track.

Got Laz passing us... that billboard behind him should say "GL Banking" :lmao:

Don't know how fast we were "allowed to go" so we kept it under 75...

NO_H2O August 15th 2010 09:35

The show was cool. It was good to finaly have my car at a show. The last show I had my car at was the last Taccoa Bug Fair. I have some of the shots that Bert got with his camera mounted on the back of his car. Not near as cool as Wally's track days but we it was good to have a good number of VKG cars at the Red Neck Track Day. I think it would be cool if we went thru a Tech Inspection before running the track and could turn it up a bit (still following the pace car, etc). I saw cars that had stuff strapped (I hope) to roof racks like coolers, luggage and even a bicycle going out on the track. And then folks like Woody would not follow the very simple rules they gave us.
Nigel makin' his move on the outside.

wrenchnride247 August 15th 2010 13:47

I got some video to share! Nothing to fancy though.

Lazarus August 15th 2010 22:38

pics look really cool thx to dave and danny for the post special shout out to Bert for the super cool camera rig and pics. with atlanta losing a cup date maybe we could hit them up for another event, those GLs look right at home on the track too bad the only direction the wheel turned was left. i did ,however, find the faster i went into the corners the less wheel i had to put in. on the last lap last corner i was darn near not even turning as much as i was letting the car go where it wanted once in the corner.had a blast, definitely the highlight of the show on saturday (would have been the highlight of friday night drags had it not been for the rain),but thats another story. congrats to noH for finally getting that best paint award he has deserved all these years.funniest moment of the day was dave doin his David Pearson impression Smoking a cig while ridin around Atlanta Motor Speedway.

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