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zen October 17th 2010 21:30

I had a blast. I love that show. Biggest car count again this year. Perfect weather too.

Thanks again to all my buds for helping me get there...with my car. Couldn't have done it without you. The wife especially thanks you. She was so happy to have me back out on the road with it.

Got a flyer for Spring Jam up in Knoxville next....spring. Might be a fun trip.

Lazarus October 18th 2010 18:56

thanks, the cruise up parallel with the N.C mountains was really cool. thanks to trevor and P.A. it was their idea. also big thanks to the wives especially mine for the planning and hard work.

NO_H2O October 20th 2010 04:08

Yes, hats off to the girls for a job well done.

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