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NO_H2O March 28th 2011 16:57

Georgia Tech show
The Georgia Tech Autoshow is Sat. April 2nd. I have signed up online and it looks like good weather for Sat. Anyone else going.

wrenchnride247 March 28th 2011 21:35

Can't make that one... :(

zen March 31st 2011 15:26

I'm in. For any attending, we will probably meet up at the Varsity (just off the GT campus) around 10:00am so we can cruise in together for good parking.

NO_H2O March 31st 2011 20:49

Looks like I will have to bail. I got hit in the Corrado Sunday and it is wiped out. I have to get the Bus back up and running (transaxle swap). I spent 1 day draining old fuel then had to start running new wire for the rear lights and had no power to activate the ignition/fuel injection. Now it runs good has tail lights/turn signals but I have to go thru the brakes and swap the trans.
Sometimes you the windshield and sometimes your the bug.

wrenchnride247 April 1st 2011 21:14

I guess your OK since your working on the bay. Sorry about the corrado...

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