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Richie December 9th 2003 07:30


Well, I used to a bit like that too. But, getting older seems to mean that I'm getting less sack and more brains:confused:
You really can't compare a bug with a Viper or 911, certainly not at speed.
Let me know what you were thinking when you have done 200 km/h in a bug with a little crosswind. I know what I was thinking!:silly:
It was something like: "mmmmmh, wasn't I about 4 meters to the left, a millisecond ago?"

But, nothing beats the experience!:D


boygenius December 14th 2003 22:19


Originally posted by boygenius
Well now I have a reason to buy the RUF mirrors. I'll just need more power to push against the wind. :D

Hey john. Go to to see the mirrors I was talking about.

hybrid_john December 15th 2003 01:14

WOW!:D Brendan you weren't kidding... those mirrors are tiny. I wish I wasn't doing a one peice window or I would use them too...
But instead of shaving the mirrors, I might check into the sports mirrors for the 996, they have....mmmmm HEEEEAAAATTTT!!!
Very cool!:D

Thanx for the link, I'm gonna use it more often now, to check stuff out..... maybe even look at the body kits:hehehe:
I like the 996 fornt spoiler....clean and stylish!


boygenius December 15th 2003 10:44

So expensive.:(

There is a reason that they want you to contact them for a price.:silly:

hybrid_john December 16th 2003 22:45

I don't know, It could be worth the long run, and it would look better than any of the front bumpers that I have chosen...:):D


boygenius December 17th 2003 20:49

John. there is a photo of a beetle in the general galleries with a stock 911 front bumper. I think it's on page 4 or page 6.:D

hybrid_john December 18th 2003 23:23

Brendan, I liked the red GL with the '993' bumper, it looked really good, I'm looking for something that speaks a little louder, but I thank you for the info:D:D

I just got the price quotes back for the parts I was wondering about....are you ready for this?

993 Instrumentaion:$1320 USD
993 Door Sills:$299 USD
993 Steering wheel:$895 USD ( I wonder if it has an air-bag)

996 Front Spoiler RGT:$2400 USD ( sounds like this idea is out!)
996 Sports mirrors:$995 USD



boygenius December 18th 2003 23:44

Try for some more extreme front bumpers and porsche body kits.;)

boygenius December 19th 2003 00:00

Check out the used and discontinued section. There are some pretty awesome deals on wings and things.

They have a nice 935 front bumper cap for sale.:p

hybrid_john December 19th 2003 00:32

Thanx for the site Brendan, I love it, it fits me perfectly:D

I like the used and discontinued products......$$$$ SAVER!:D


boygenius December 19th 2003 00:55

I'm all about saving money.:)

The more that I save the more I can spend.:hehehe:

hybrid_john December 20th 2003 06:06

I'll second that:D I love to spednd money on cheap high quality products.......:D


Alfito December 23rd 2003 01:30

I saw the site, it's incredible man!
Do you think the 930 front bumper cap fits over the standard bug bumper?
Just guessing :D , at $225 bucks, is it a bargain?

hybrid_john December 23rd 2003 04:34

Hmmm...don't know on that one Alf.
But I tell you what, since it has the basic bumper design on it, you could probably make it fit with littel mod/fab. just use bumper brakets or make you own, maybe even mold it to the car some how. Brain-storm on that one for a while and let me know if you get stuck, I'm no expert but might be able to help.:D


Big Al October 5th 2004 08:27

swings and things
hello people

Ive started racing my 57 oval after lots of work and at 210ks (131mph) my car feels very good due to the fact that i am running a real wing like a porsche and it hold the rear real nice and also pumps the air in to the motor helping cooling and hp. On the front i am running aero guards that were designed my my father witch cause 0 lift but a minimum down force inorder to not push down tomuch, they are lower at the from to keep the air out of the front of the wheels. We are just about finished building a fibreglass GT2 wing for the beetle that looks awsome and does the job of stabilaty and cooling with the ducks either side of the wing. Check this link to see my car with the porsche style wing and front aero guards (at bottom of page, its the blue bug)


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