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Wally September 30th 2009 06:08


Originally Posted by krukab (Post 71629)
Wally, the new 19" no option for you ?? :p

Nah, the current 18" are already borderline in many ways on the bug. 17" is the best rim size for most old VW's is my opinion after having had many different wheel sizes. Weight is an important issue if your after performance as you know and the bigger, the heavier they get and wheel movement gets more and more limited with increasing size as well which is all counterproductive wrt handling.
For looks, that all doesn't matter of course. Your bus looks good! :p

krukab October 1st 2009 02:37

I know .. 17" is the best (maximum ??) size for a (underpowered) aircooled VW.


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 71630)
For looks, that all doesn't matter of course. Your bus looks good! :p

I'm also very pleased with the way it turned out and best of all, drives likes a dream !!
First three weeks of august we did a 4200 road trip through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and
France and there were no moments that i regretted that i mounted this 17" Rota's.

Here are some pictures from our road trip, if you're interested in the whole story; click !!

Wally October 1st 2009 04:47

Awesome pics Alain! :) stance of the bus is even better from those angles!

krukab May 15th 2013 15:51

Time for some upgrading !!

I'm 'sick' of the lack of comfort that seems to be normal with a narrowed beam, so i've build meself a new T2a beam.
Only problem is that the 7,5x17 Rota's won't fit anymore...
I'm very much in love with the look of my Rota's (especialy the 9" rears), so for the front (the track width increases
45mm per side!) i'm after some old skool 16" BBS racing wheels (only at the front) which come with higher et's.

Something like this... (and the Rota 9" rears stay where they are!)

The engine is running on it's last legs... it's done some 95.000km's and i'm lacking power, leaking oil, less fuell efficiened, runnig hotter then it's
used to be and so on.
A good friend of mine build the engine and drove it some 20.000km before i bought it from him in 2003 and put on an extra 75.000km.
The downside is that my good friend Brian -who build the 1776 type1 engine- died in 2010 in a one way car crash in Belgium :(

There are two options in my point of view;
1) Rebuilding the 1776 by a VW/Porsche specialist or
2) Convert it to Subaru EJ20 NA (115hp) power...


krukab July 29th 2014 14:41


Originally Posted by krukab (Post 86362)
1) Rebuilding the 1776 by a VW/Porsche specialist

Not a complete rebuild, but some new piston rings, two new valves and some other modifications

'stance' for 2014


Wally July 29th 2014 15:27

Good decision, if only because its some sort of remembrence of Brian...

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