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cobra December 31st 2009 08:49

vw 1302 GTO mid-engin
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Thought to make a thread about my vw 1302 I started on the last project on this car in 2008. Having had many difrent engines in the car. t-1 1640cc 1800cc and 2015cc t-4 2154 turbo. Through the years. I found out in 2008 that I would have a more durable and powerful motor / drive system. After working as a mitsubishi mechanics of 11 years and subsea mechanic for 3 years. I sat and thought a lot to put a mitsubishi motor in my 1302s. But there were two engine was left in the final phase. It was the lancer evo 6 4g63t and mitsubishi gto Japanese version of the 3000gt VR4 twin turbo 6g72tt 6 speed. But I decided gto issues. because gears and engine package was 15 cm narrower one evo. Gto 6g72tt has 340 hp and 500nm original. And a very strong getage transmission is converted to 2wd with LSD. Since the engine and gearbox will be mid mounted engine. Gto engine is very easy to get out a lot of horsepower and nm.

cobra December 31st 2009 09:02

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More photos of the front cut and from the beginning of work

cobra December 31st 2009 09:34

To get this engine package in the car must be cut off pretty much, irs tubes, 200mm from the floor + + + +

cobra December 31st 2009 09:37

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More photos

cobra December 31st 2009 11:16

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My front brakes.

Evo 8 callipper, porsche 944 na hub, porsche 996 turbo disc

and a smal edition tubeframe.

johnnyvee December 31st 2009 12:31

crazy, hope it's not too loud in the driver area :lmao:

cobra December 31st 2009 12:46


Originally Posted by johnnyvee (Post 73055)
crazy, hope it's not too loud in the driver area :lmao:

There comes a isolate sound wall(fire wall). But it could be a little hot in the car :-) but heat is something we need here in cold Norway.

volkdent December 31st 2009 20:24

Very cool, I think we may even have the same intercooler! Nice to know there's a couple other crazy people out there like me. Very nice to have the LSD and a transmission ready for that sort of HP and torque, I'm going to have to add a LSD and beef up the axles to keep up with the HP on mine. Are you keeping the stock front suspension? More pics please!


Steve C December 31st 2009 22:26


This is going to be very interesting thread, cant wait to read more.

Are you going to use the all of the Mitsubishi front suspension as rear suspension?

Do your local authorities have any problem with such a large motor in a small car?


cobra January 1st 2010 07:28

It's good there are some crazy people like us, who dare to initiate such projects:):)Steve and Jason, their projects have given me many good ideas and tips. Thanks

In the front i have 1303 past 74 suspension. kw coilovers, Kerscher Anti-Roll Bar front 23mm. And rally welded front/tubeframe. I'm using the old 1302s steering box. And of course, complete set of polyurethane brusings.

In the rear: According to the plan I use everything from mitsubishi front suspension. Subframe, brakes + +. But shock absorbers should I replace whit tein or Öhlins. Due to need adjustment possibilities. I also need to modify the damper, for they have come closer together at the top. Subframe the gto is very good to mount. Since it is screwed together as a unit. With two bolts in front and six on the rear. It is then bolted right in tubeframen. It seems very easy to put it on the lingering with the rest of the car.

In the rear ving: I have intercooler and oil cooler. :)

cobra January 1st 2010 07:50

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It is not easy to get a building like this approved in Norway. It is best to travel to the tuv in Germany. Since they are the main vehicle approved in Europe.

Photo 1. subfram (from the web)

Photo 2. Wing

Photo 3. Porsche 944 na dics vs porsche 996 turbo c4 disc :)

Photo 4 and 5 Some good ideas

cobra January 5th 2010 13:01

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cobra January 5th 2010 13:15

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Div pictures of reinforcement of the frame and welding of mitsubishi frame into the vw. I decided, and spend some more of gto frontcut. So I also use parts of the front frame with motor mounts. So roll cage will be attached in it too. More updates coming soon :-)

cobra January 9th 2010 06:27

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Now is the framework from gto. Welded into the car. And I have started to attach the roll cage to the frame from the gto. Has some work left with, and make parties to the shock absorbers. + + + And some reinforcements.:)

cobra January 9th 2010 06:32

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Test fitting the engine and gearbox.

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