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vujade February 7th 2003 11:42

Local VW Club
I took my GL up to the local chapter of the SEVWC here in Daytona Beach the other nite for the first time. I had a crowd around my car most of the nite. Everyone asking me questions about my wheels & car. How did I do it, where did I get them, am I building a German Look car, what size engine & so on...:)

I have to say, it was nice being the center of attention, or should I say my VW was the center of attention...LOL Hopefully I can keep up the wow factor by performing new mods at least once a month.

NO_H2O February 7th 2003 15:20

I want to take mine to the West GA./Alabama Bugs by the Fire tomorrow. I have alot of camber in it now. Waiting for a pair of 195/50/16's, the 205/55's rub if I stand them up strait. I'm worried about the length of the trip, got to go from south of Atlanta to just the other side of the Alabama line(I-20). Thats a long trip with that much camber dialed in.

Pillow February 7th 2003 16:12

No worries man, run it! Show those boys what a GL should be :)

Joe, glad to hear the local club outing was successful! Did you find any "converts" to the GL?

At this weeks bus club meeting there were a lot of people looking at the front discs and Phones... I was proud :)

Take Care,

vujade February 7th 2003 16:58

I think I may have one convert. He was standing around my car for at least an hour chatting about T4's & the German Look :)

zen February 7th 2003 20:27

i don't have squat to brag about. but just wait a few months!!!! i don't even get to go to BBTF2. i am under direction to go to a wedding (a catholic one that is sure to be 2 hour mass) instead. SHOOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

have fun dave and have all pray for me to make it out alive (or at least without making little boy jokes during the recemption after some drinks). :D

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