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NO_H2O February 10th 2003 02:12

The Black GL Debut at BBTF
Well the Smack Black GL made her debut at "Bug By The Fire". I drove her to Alabama and back with no problems. And she went over big. Even the BK boys liked her. It was a great bash. Can't wait for the next one.

vujade February 10th 2003 02:32

thats awesome! :)

did you enter the show?

Superman February 10th 2003 04:37

Glad you got your ride back on the road, have fun :D

NO_H2O February 10th 2003 09:05

It was just a meeting and family party at one of the BK guys house/shop, but it was a big crowd, SEVWC West GA. Chapt, Cent. AL. Chapt, some from Middle GA. and Atlanta Chapter. Bigger turn out than some shows. Had lots to eat and alot of smack talk and a big fire. Even did a cruise through town. My tires should be here today. I went with the 205's and some camber dailed in so it wouldn't rub.

vujade February 10th 2003 10:09

thats cool that you showed the BK Boys how we GL'ers to it :)

zen February 11th 2003 08:14

and i can't wait to see their faces as the number starts to grow. hopefully at least 3 by year's end. sounds like many more are in the works though.

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