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Pillow February 10th 2003 16:06

Welcome our new member John!
John, or "JHelgesen" as we know him here, has decided to join the coolest bunch of GL guys in the south-east!

I am sure his knowledge and creative skills will just make the VKG that much better as a whole. John is currently in the planning stages of the GL transformation and hopefully will be underway soon... Maybe with us as a bad influence / motivator ;)

Welcome and GLF!

vujade February 10th 2003 16:25

thats great John!

there is definitely strength in numbers :)

jhelgesen February 10th 2003 17:01

Glad to be a member. Who's going to show me the secret handshake?

Just a little background. By day, I'm a mild manered reporter for the newspaper. No, oh wait, that's Clark Kent. I'm actually a engineer/designer for Hamilton Beach Commercial. We make blenders and ice cream mixers for restaraunts and bars, etc. Project testing is a b*tch. :)

Then I get to be sound/light/set designer/maintenence man for my wifes dance studio. (oh and the wife says I should add professional smart *ss to my resume)

Then after I get the kids to bed, I get to play with my toys. Currently I've got 3 projects going. The first is the easy one, install the 3.0 6cyl I have coming in the 912e I purchased a few weeks back. Doesn't get much more german look than a 912/911. Still trying to decide if I can call it a 911 once I have the new motor in it.

2nd is a quick job (HA!), got a 67 beetle that I picked up cheap that I'm repairing the rear apron the paint the car. Hope to have it out of the shop this spring.

3rd is the 73 bus I have for the wife. It's painted and waiting to be assembled, sitting in storage till I get more space at the house to keep it covered.

Then I get to the projects that are in line, building a motor for the 73 camper and the GL 61 ragtop (which I just got a complete 85 944 suspension for, more stuff to learn). If all goes well, maybe I can have the 61 on the road by spring of 04.

Keep your calanders open for the Rockingham show this summer, I'm just up the road from there, was a really good show last year.

(oh yeah, Zen, buy my car) :)

I do have a 74 mexican beetle thats just getting the finishing touches. Painted new beetle techno blue and has a full euro look, except for the sport bug rims. I have that one for sale to fund the next projects.

I'll make my signature official now

NO_H2O February 10th 2003 20:57

Wecome John, out of the pan and into the fire. The first thing I must say is, as an engineer for Hamilton Beach, please refrain from putting an Mr. Fusion on the decklid of your GL.:D :D :D
Sorry, I just had too.
Sound like you have a full plate. I would call the 912 with the 3L 6cyl. a 912/6, like the 914/6. You have the camper to take with you to the show along with the GL so you can sleep in it and haul all the swap meet stuff home in. Last year I had to beg someone to haul my interior home for me, couldn't get it in the bug I drove, it was already full of stuff.
Welcome aboard.

GL Forever

jhelgesen February 10th 2003 21:15


Last year I had to beg someone to haul my interior home for me, couldn't get it in the bug I drove, it was already full of stuff. [/B]
That's what I have the Ram 1500 for. :)

zen February 11th 2003 08:19

hot damn (one of the only southern saying i know), welcome aboard john. glad to have you. and talk about bad influences, you are trying to get me to by your bug, but you inadvertantly go tmy itching for a 912 again. augh. decisions.

jhelgesen February 11th 2003 10:02

Dooh! Don't do what I'm doing. Wouldn't you rather have a NEW bug. You are supposed to decide you want a 912 after you buy my car. :)

zen February 11th 2003 10:29

i've been curious. why did you go 912 and put a 6 in it instead of just getting an early 911 anyway? the guy that bought my E threw a 6 in it and put a 959 kit on it as well. i know he will never being getting his money back out of that one. i used to have an excellence mag with a buying guide in it showing year changes. have any idea where i can get that info easily? i need to dig around and see if i still have that mag. E's seem pretty hard to come by these days. at least in this area. any i have seen are in CA.

jhelgesen February 11th 2003 13:37

I'm not sharing any more secrets till you buy my car. :silly:

jhelgesen February 11th 2003 13:48

Actually, the project just kind of evolved.

I got the 912e first cause it was a great deal and I had the money burning a hole in my pocket (should have gone to my visa bill).

I thought I could just drop in the 2.0 I had aquired a few weeks earlier that was slated to go in my camper. When I found it had a dropped valve seat, killed that idea.

Then ideas started chruning, drop in the 2.2 6 cyl you have, but its only 125 hp. Then went to, build another Masive 2056, but still only 125 hp and 4-5k with exhaust. Then, the 2270 plus exhaust is what 6k+.

Started looking for a 2.4 or 2.7 6cyl, built right will be 160-180 hp, and 2-4k for good running motor. Called a buddy of mine in FL, just happened to get in a 3.0 from a 78 911, runs good. Made me a deal, fit in my budget (fit on my visa card :) ) and I get 200+ hp. Can you say Ar Ar Ar!!!! more power. He also got me a deal on a complete 85 944 suspension for my 61 ragtop.

One of the reasons I need to sell the 74, got to pay Mr. Visa back for the motor.

The motor is shipping this week, I'll have it at my office next week and start the install. Hopefully I can have it on the road by April.

Does that explain my sickness?

zen February 11th 2003 14:28

indeed it does. atleast the car sickness. :eek:

vujade February 11th 2003 14:32

cars are a disease...

ive been infected for a long time :)

Pillow February 11th 2003 16:58

LOL, glad to see I am not the only VW/GL redneck with too many projects :)

zen February 11th 2003 17:20

why am i all of a sudden getting logo ideas?

vujade February 11th 2003 18:09


what are you talking about?

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