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NO_H2O May 28th 2004 22:13

Yard sale 2275 is done
Well I just got back from Jake's and this time I brought it home. It even came home in a bug. I pulled the right seat out and put it in the floor :rolleyes: .
I didn't get to take it to 6000rpm due to the rev limiter kicking in at 5800. But it made 147hp and climbing at 5500 rpm. The cool part is that the torque is huge (for a Type 1) 152 lb.ft. at 4000 rpm peak and ranges from 121 at 2000 to 140.2 at 5500.
I used a prototype Type 1 DTM shroud and it did a great job. Even with Street Eliminator heads it ran coooooooooool. The break-in was a 25hp load at 2500 rpm for 30 min and the #3 cyl was rock solid at 230 deg. We had to run it at a 71 hp load 4000 rpm for a good while to get it to hit 350 deg. When this shroud is read for the market-place it will be SWEEEEEEEEET.
I will post the Dyno-graph when Jake emails it to me. All I have now is the paper copy.

boygenius May 28th 2004 22:22

SWEET! ! ! Thats awesome man... Please oh please take me for a ride in it...

yetibone May 29th 2004 16:31

Rockin' dude. You gonna install it on the stock tranny for now, and do the 901 switch later?

NO_H2O May 29th 2004 19:08

Yep, the 901 will have to wait. The 2275 is going in on June 5th. At Kevin Smiths house. He is having a cookout for our local club and it was planned as a tech-day to do the engine swap.
Engine swap first then cook out.

NO_H2O May 29th 2004 19:16

Oh yea, Zens engine was right beside mine as I was getting mine dressed for the dyno. Looks like it is ready to install his DTM and dress for the dyno.

NO_H2O May 29th 2004 20:07

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here's a pic.

vujade May 30th 2004 18:46

cool Dave :)

what type of cam are you running?

NO_H2O May 30th 2004 19:01

A Web Cam 122/125 on a small base circle. Not sure if Jake ordered any other changes to it when he called it in. But it has a torque curve like a Type 4. I will post the dyno graph when Jake emails it to me.

NO_H2O June 3rd 2004 13:22

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I scanned the dyno-graph.

Mikey 1972GL June 3rd 2004 16:04

That's cool. Do you think your transmission will hold that much power? Just wondering. :confused:

Cool pictures :agree:


NO_H2O June 3rd 2004 16:59

No. But I'm going to a 901 this winter. I will just have to take it easy till then.

zen June 3rd 2004 18:26


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
I will just have to take it easy till then.


you serious about that clark?

yea right. that chart looks like too much fun to take it easy.

boygenius June 3rd 2004 23:21

Sweet looking power curves... Should haul some serious a$$...

NO_H2O June 6th 2004 00:39

Well it is in and runnig. Both Volvo oil cooler are blown out, just could not take the oil pressure from a fresh engine and cold oil. They blew back to back. I think they were week and would have gone sooner or later. Better to got while I had someone watching. But with just the remote filter (K&N) it did fine. Got the carbs sync'ed and the idle set. I will have to go back to Kevin's tomorrow and put the deck lid on and remove the oil cooler plumbing and bring her home (the long way). I will be swapping the engine/trans. in my son's bug tomorow for his birthday.

yellow73 June 6th 2004 21:31

That is great that you got it running. Pity about the oil coolers, what are you going to replace them with?

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