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southeastvw November 27th 2005 19:39

March 11 /12 Dyno/Race weekend in Ga
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! :)
I know that most of you already know about the March 11th and 12th weekend in Ga. But for those of you that don't, it is going to be an AWESOME weekend! :D
I have created some pages on our website with all the information on the event. Granted now, they are not finished, but just have basic information at the moment.
Take a look at for the info.

vujade December 23rd 2005 10:47

CU there :D

southeastvw January 11th 2006 21:55

The website has been updated with information reguarding all events planned. Host hotels have been listed also for both Dyno Day and Silver Dollar.

If you wish to particpate in any classes/Dyno for the weekend events, pre-registration forms are on the website. Please look them over and send them in when you can. This will save lots of time on show day! :)


NO_H2O January 19th 2006 00:25

I might put the Bus on the dyno. The heads are in Cali getting some bigger valves. And I am going to add a mixture adjustment knob in the cab. :D
At the meeting we had tonight we thought that we could help with the drag day as well as the dyno day. Let us know what you might need for help Kathy.

massIVe 79 vert January 19th 2006 10:38

We discussed it at the meeting last night and if you'll (Kathy) let us know exactly what you need help with....we're game.

southeastvw January 19th 2006 11:39

That is wayyyy cool guys! We can use everybit we can. ;)
Well for Dyno Day, the basics. Now since I haven't physically done it before, only been a spectator, that is where I need your help. I will have all the paperwork done and ready to go on that day. So between you and the BK we need to figure out how many we need to get the cars in line, do your raffles (which I hope to come up with quite a few), BK do the food, etc.
You all just talk it over and see who can be there early Saturday or mid afternoon, then maybe switch off. Hate for anyone to be stuck all day doing something and not get to enjoy the event! :)
As for Sunday at the RACE. This is going to be one HUGE event! :D I do beileve there is going to be non-stop action on the track that day! As for help there, I will need folks to help get folks in the right places. We will have areas for the Street CHallenge cars, Pro Stocks, bracket racers and the show/swap area. Now some of these guys will already be in place, if they came in the night before and most of the racers should know where to go. Swap meeters will hopefully come in early like they should, so they can get set up before the crowd comes. I will need a few judges also, since I will be stuck at the table all day, I will not be able to get out to much and will depend on my volunteers. The more we have, the faster it gets done. I am hoping that some of the West Ga guys can assist as well, but if you worked on Sat at Dyno Day and just want to enjoy race day, I completely understand.
You all just let me know who can assist on either day and we will compile a list. Would rather have more then enough, then not enough. That way everyone can enjoy it!
If you do help us out on Sunday, you do not have to worry about your gate fee. Same goes for Saturday at Dyno Day.
If you all have any questions, please let me know.
Thanks guys!

NO_H2O January 19th 2006 17:44

I would make a bad judge. Every car that came on a trailer or looks like it came on a trailer (tail pipe too lean, tie down strap marks) -10 points. No dust under the car, -10. Tire dressing on the tread of the tire, -10.
Cars that are driven or look like they were driven, +10 on everything. :agree:

massIVe 79 vert January 19th 2006 18:30


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
I would make a bad judge. Every car that came on a trailer or looks like it came on a trailer (tail pipe too lean, tie down strap marks) -10 points. No dust under the car, -10. Tire dressing on the tread of the tire, -10.
Cars that are driven or look like they were driven, +10 on everything. :agree:

Amen to that my VKG brother!!

Kathy, I can help with pretty much anything the day of the Dyno Day. I'm not sure I'll be at the drag race event's tax season ya know.... :eek:

southeastvw January 19th 2006 19:06

Thanks you two!
Beth, you can help me at the registration table at Dyno Day if you wish.

You all just let me know who would like to volunteer and we will go from there. I just do not want you all to miss out on the show Sunday. If we have enought of you, then we can take turns at stuff.

oasis January 20th 2006 07:32


Originally Posted by NO_H2O
Cars that are driven or look like they were driven, +10 on everything. :agree:

Man, that's the kinda judgin' I need. :D

I wish I could go. The parameter of the dates (first half of the month) would work but I just don't think I could afford taking that Friday and Monday off for the commute. :(

I hope this is an annual shindig.

zen January 21st 2006 10:45

Kathy, I can help with Dyno Day. Race day is an unknown at this point. Just let us know what you need. Time won't allow Me to commit to planning activities, but can do "day-of" shuff.

southeastvw February 13th 2006 00:14

Anyone that can help either of the days is greatly appricated! ;) Just let me know. Hopefully I will get some giveaways for Dyno Day for you all. If you have any access to businesses to get some, please do. The more the better! :D I am just getting wooden plaques done for Dyno Day. Don't want to have to get anyone to spend their time making some, unless you really want to and have time to do it! :)
What are the trophies we need? Top HP, Top Torque........

UPDATE, We have 7 down for Dyno Day, keep them coming!

Andrew Strom 67 Bus
Joe Arbucci 67 Beetle 2276cc
Mel Bellwood 58 Beetle 2156cc
Eric Parkerson 63 Beetle 2187cc
Peter Sipsis 72 Super Beetle 2332cc
Peter Duffy 71 Beetle 2332cc
Charles Overton 64 Beetle

Many of these guys are also doing the Street Challenge, Pro Racing class and showing their VWs on Sunday at Silver Dollar! :wink:

*Kathy, I just added my stats next to my name :)

NO_H2O February 15th 2006 08:33

Ok Folks. Who is coming to the event? I think Zen, Beth, Nigle, Joe, Myself and Joel are on for it. It's getting c;ose so lets start to firm up our plans.

massIVe 79 vert February 15th 2006 12:12

I know that Jake and I will be there on Saturday for sure. I may not make it the the race on Sunday....we'll just play that day by ear. I'm game to help Saturday though.

I think you're right Dave...we need to start getting our ducks in a row :)

Lazarus February 15th 2006 21:17

Im not going to make it for the dyno day. i am going to make sunday's activities. as a few of my buds with race cars are coming down and i will be lending them a hand on raceday. my car will be there and i will be about. hope to see ya'll :D there

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