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SuperCoffee73 November 25th 2015 13:26

Automatic Transmission for a Super73 for Disability Issue
Dear Friends

5 years ago i started a project on a SuperBeetle 73, which i wanna use a t4 on it. 3 years ago i became paraplegic and i donīt want to leave my dream of driving my super, however due to my condition i canīt use stick transmision anymore, however i want to use an automatic transmision instead. Which one would you recommend to install on this beetle, it could be from a recent vehicule? it has to be something that works well with the t4.

Hope someone has an answer out there.


Peter Rodriguez

effvee November 27th 2015 12:48

Hi from what I see, there is only one, it came in a type III and in a bus. Mine, when I bought it, the seller sent it to me with two differents flex plates, one for type one and the other for type IV. From what understand, they can be a very strong three speed automatic. If I remember correctly the r&p was 3.66. They are around not to badly priced.

SuperCoffee73 December 1st 2015 13:02

Thanks effvee, for your response, however could you tell me who your supplier was? for this type of AT. or what store suplys them?

effvee December 1st 2015 19:00

Hi, well at the time Todd at Rimco sold me the trans. I don't know where in specific you could buy one, sorry.

beetle1303 December 7th 2015 18:54

Hi Peter,
effvee is partially right. I Have been in an automatic type III (fastback) here in Greece, but Haynes manual has a seperate section for the automatic trans.
I've heard that a local courier company back in the day used to convert their bugs from auto to manual

Just my 2 cents

Glad to hear that you are not giving up your dreams


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