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effvee December 17th 2017 08:44

Blank rotors
Good morning, is there any company that sell rotors that have the spacing/hat offset for 1985 944, that are blanks. What I mean is, not already drilled stud pattern?

Wally December 18th 2017 07:13

No, not that I know if I understand your question properly.
Only blanks you can buy are stock front beetle/Ghia disks/rotors (with VW bearing sizes). For using the alu 944 bearing housings you will always need bearing spacers/adapters afaik.

Still, your question leaves more questions as to what you exactly mean: Porsche bearing housings aways have the studs pressed in, so 'blank rotors' for a 1985 944 are a strange thing to ask? Front/rear? what bearing houses: VW or Porsche etc etc.

effvee December 18th 2017 13:21

Hello Walter, I've been looking at different rims. I saw something I would have liked, but the stud pattern was Chevy. I see where I was very vague. I only wanted to know if they were such things as blank rotors, no stud drilled patterns already. But, disregard, even if they did exist, it would mean more re-inventing something, sorry about that.

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