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dub_crazee January 17th 2010 16:27

'69 / '76 Germanlook Project
i started this project october 2008 - starting with a 1976 body and 1969 chassis. I started off with a 1976 beetle i had since i was 15 - and acquired a 1969 chassis to IRS.

a couple of pics before

First up was new heavy duty floorpans and IRS conversion with 944 Turbo a arms

with this being shoe horned in next!

The chassis has also received a couple of small repairs to the framehead, a hydraulic clutch set up a a bug@5 speed shifter

the clutch MC was fitted through the inspection hole (had to be slightly enlarged) and a hole made behind the throttle lever arm cover for access

i think this is a much better way of installing it rather than cutting a large hole in the top of the tunnel as suggested :)

dub_crazee January 17th 2010 16:39

The body has also received extensive work with 2 new heater channels, new front bulkead, 2 new a posts, 1 new front quarter, new front apron / wheel well and panel below the petrol tank. 2 new rear quarters, 2 rear cross members, new rear valance, new front scuttle, 2 boot floor repairs and a couple of small gutter repairs. All panels were NOS with the exception of the a posts (hookys) and the wheel trough panel.

The car was then completely stripped and sandblasted - the coated with kephos

and the man doing the blasting - alex from abs blasting

hopefully my gearbox mount will be finished this week so i may get that fitted- and im also starting to prep the bolt on panels this week. :)

wrenchnride247 January 17th 2010 21:36

Those are some nice MIG welds on the IRS pivot brackets. Well, from the progress so far looks like this bug will be on the road soon then. I'm going to start some rust repairs on my bugs body pretty soon, doing alot of what you have done already. This is good inspiration for me, and others I'm sure! Keep it up!:D

johnnyvee January 17th 2010 23:07


dub_crazee January 22nd 2010 18:53

Thans for the kind comments :)

. ive just received my aluminium gearbox mount adapters from a friend so the rear cradle is now bolted to the gearboxx - when we get some room in the workshop il get the chassis back down and finish fitting the gearbox.

at the moment im just prepping the bolt on panels for paint. not very interesting so i wont bother posting pics of that.



dub_crazee January 22nd 2010 18:55

Wrernchnride from the looks of your build so far - the body will not be a problem for you - do you do it as a job also? im awaiting pics of your clutch slave cylinder install as ive still gota do mine ;) Think im going to mount mine similar to Wally.

wrenchnride247 January 22nd 2010 22:01


Originally Posted by dub_crazee (Post 73636)
Wrernchnride from the looks of your build so far - the body will not be a problem for you - do you do it as a job also? im awaiting pics of your clutch slave cylinder install as ive still gota do mine ;) Think im going to mount mine similar to Wally.

Thanks. The work is no problem...getting the time to work on it is though ;) . This is not what I do for a living (wish I could). By trade I'm a industrial mechanic so must perform many types of repair and rebuilding. My slave cylinder install is on hold due to work hours, building my header, and a friends motorcycle I'm rebuilding the engine on.

NO_H2O January 23rd 2010 01:11

Good looking project so far. Keep the pix coming.

dub_crazee January 24th 2010 08:53

ive got loads of pics of the body resto - but didnt want to bore you guys with all of those.

yesterday my gearbox blocks to mount on the beetle cradle turned up and they work nicely :) i just need to get some countersink bolts but this is it mocked up. im going to bolt it in and then mock up the front mount which i have all the bits for it just need welding together!

i also ordered some 4cm wider rear wings from CSP which dented the bank balance somewhat! Hopefully my Kafer 5 bar set up from vdub engineering will be ready soon too! its all starting to come together :D

anyways more pics! Ally spacer blocks for the beetle mounts

blasted 944 turbo a arms - not sure whether to leave them bare - paint them, powdercoat them or anodise them. ive left an ally springplate cover outside to see if it oxidises

powdercoated goodies :) still awaiting new bearings/bushes etc from pelican parts before i can put it all back together

996 caliper and rotor. 944 front hubs and cb performance dropped spindles away for machining.

finally a nice upright oil filler for my type iv motor build!

offically started prep on my doors yesterday after removing the worn hinge pins. its going to be a slow process but it hsould be worth it!

wrenchnride247 January 24th 2010 21:49

Looking will all be worth it in the end (thats what I keep telling myself anyway :rolleyes::lmao: )

SteveW January 27th 2010 10:44

Who are doing the work on the hubs and spindles?

Cheers Steve

dub_crazee January 27th 2010 17:42

a friend of mine who works in letchworth :)

SteveW January 28th 2010 07:15


Originally Posted by dub_crazee (Post 73795)
a friend of mine who works for chasestead in letchworth :)

Does he want another set to do? ;)

dub_crazee January 28th 2010 17:19

i'l have a word. i havnt managed to get a fixed price from him yet. what hubs are you using? i dont know off the top of my head but are all bearings the same for 944s?

SteveW January 29th 2010 05:23

Using early Turbo hubs (1 year only) and turbo 4 pots. As far as I remember the 944 bearing sizes are the same but spacing between may differ.

Wally January 29th 2010 06:05


Originally Posted by dub_crazee (Post 73663)
anyways more pics! Ally spacer blocks for the beetle mounts

Carefull with those protruding bolt heads in your tranny bellhousing. They _may_ just hit the flywheel ring gear...

dub_crazee January 31st 2010 06:22


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 73828)
Carefull with those protruding bolt heads in your tranny bellhousing. They _may_ just hit the flywheel ring gear...

thanks for the heads up wally. i will be using countersink bolts though as i said :)


Originally Posted by dub_crazee (Post 73663)

yesterday my gearbox blocks to mount on the beetle cradle turned up and they work nicely :) i just need to get some countersink bolts but this is it mocked up.

this week i made several purchases that i probably shouldnt have as i'm fairly skint at the moment lol! my CSP wings turned up :D along with my order from pelican parts so i can now build up my rear arms. i also won a pair of 2.0l cylinder heads on ebay very cheap, and some 96mm barrells and pistons.

also this week i changed the door pins on my passenger door, prepped both doors and rear valance and got a coat of reface on them so im pretty pleased :)

Wally January 31st 2010 08:56

Oeps, must have read over that part...:o
Well, better safe than sorry ;)

dub_crazee February 7th 2010 13:48

ive dont a bit more on my bug - but mostly filler work which is dull as fcuk! and messy....but gota be done....especially as i want to to be as stright as an arrow!

both doors and rear valance are now in reface

and the passenger door has new door pins

i noticed my origional door has an audi logo on it - shows how late it is :lol:

decklid received the swiss cheese treatment also and is now ready for reface

quick pic of the barrles and pistons....anyone have experience of the aa stuff? is it any good?

also turned out the 2 litre heads i won on ebay were 1.8 heads.....which is nice!

dub_crazee February 7th 2010 13:50

also had the boxster S rear discs opened up to sit on the 944 hubs

discs have gone off for powdercoating.

also rebuilt the a arms with new bearings etc and put together the spring plates with weltmeister bushes

slowly but surely making some progress :)

MX67 February 7th 2010 17:25

how bout those Boxster discs at the rear. What it means "opened up".

You mean inside, so You can fit them on to the hub?

Cool project by the way 8)

dub_crazee February 7th 2010 17:33

yeah the hole in the middle has been enlarged 2mm iirc - to the same size as the 944 disc so it sits on the hub in the correct position (if you look closely at the hub there is a raised ring)


MX67 February 7th 2010 17:35


Does OG 944 4-pot caliper fits perfectly, or You've made some spacers, or You don't use them at all?


dub_crazee February 7th 2010 17:38

il be running 996 rear calipers (same as boxster S) but the disc is the same diameter and thickness as the 944 turbo disc - however i think the offset is slightly different but again only a couple of mm so may require spacers for 944 tubro calipers

dub_crazee March 13th 2010 12:45

well ive been working on the chassis this week to get it finished. ive shamelessly copied a couple of ideas off of another project build on here but as it ws one of the neatest installs ive seen it seemed silly not to!

The rear mounts worked a treat but needed 8mm spacers between the framehorn and cradle

and this is the front mount welded together

which was then trimmed and neatened up

the shift rod was shortened 20mm

and the underside of the chassis was closed up similarly to the other project build.

Framehorns were clearenced for the Larger CV joints

and kafer bar set up mocked up and the tabs welded in

i only had 1 short and 1 long bar to do this as the rest is still being made

i also ran the fuel lines

its off to the blasters and powdercoaters next week, then the obttom is being gravitex'd and painted black (over the powdercoat) then i can start to think about building it up!


chug_A_bug March 13th 2010 19:17

really nice work man...:)
keep it up love the welds and fab work Super Clean :thumbup:
keep the pics coming

wrenchnride247 March 13th 2010 23:27

Nice MIG welds! Love the install so far...keep it up! This forum is for helping everyone with their projects. :)

dub_crazee March 14th 2010 04:00

Thanks for the comments guys :)

wrenchnride i dont think it would have been quite the same if i hadnt seen yours :lol: you've definately helped me!!

i'm already thinking about going over to the porsche coupling instead of the beetle coupling lol!

i wont be doing any work on it for a few weeks now as im moving house and changing jobs in the same week.....but when the chassis comes back il build it up and get it rolling - the body is booked in for paint in 10 weeks and i rekon ive got a couple of days tieing up lose ends on that before shes ready to go!

thanks again


dub_crazee May 19th 2010 17:13

Well with starting a new job and moving house theres not been any progress to speak of over the last couple of months, but today work started again, heres a sneeky peek of the rear end....

ive got my motivation back :D

im going to dry build the car before paint - and ive got some mods to make so the paint date has been moved back a bit!

volkdent May 19th 2010 17:33

Cheeky shot, nice rear end you have there!


Xellex May 19th 2010 18:35

great work so far, I like your project alot. I just put your photobucket account on follow :D Please keep the gearbox install pictures coming, I'm very interested, because I'm right behind you, having aquired a 915 gearbox :D

wrenchnride247 May 19th 2010 21:24

Looking good! :)

dub_crazee May 21st 2010 18:27

Thanks for your kind words everyone :)

hoping to upload some more pics tomorrow!

dub_crazee June 10th 2010 16:09

made some progress but its mostly been saturday work....which haven't been that productive as we've had a couple of bbqs at work and ive just got a mk2 golf that im tryin on the road as a daily!

but here are a few pics

managed to get a porsche coupler and rod which ive spliced with the beetle shift rod - will be able to make fine adjustments for shifting now! i also installed new bushes

fitted hi pacs - quality products!!

welded up the holes in the moon vent and ground them down with a dremmel - it was a right bitch of a job - also welded up all the holes in the firewall and ground off the tages for the old tar firewall.

also fitted the rear valance, wings and decklid and spent a couple of hours fettling making sure it all aligned properly - need to get better pics of the valance though to show how ive done it.

mmm bbq

NO_H2O June 10th 2010 20:00

Looking good. Keep the pix coming.

volkdent June 11th 2010 14:53

That Barby looks good tooo!


dub_crazee June 12th 2010 16:57

Thanks can see why i became destracted then :lol:

done a bit more

boxed in the boot floor - tried to replicate the pressings using the bead roller!

Phatbug03 was kind enough to let me borrow his case and fan to mock up......and im glad to say.....IT FITS :D decklid shuts with no probs!

his is a early 911 fan and mine is a 964 fan but i doubt it will make any difference. ive got some better pics with the decklid shut - showing about 30mm of clearence

dub_crazee June 12th 2010 16:58

i also removed the bonnet seat strips off of the front - and cleaned the rust underneath.

and been teaching the misus to weld! shes doing pretty well!

ragtop81 June 15th 2010 12:00

nice project!, more peeks!

dub_crazee July 4th 2010 11:08

thanks ragtop81 :)

here are some more pics!

ive done a little more, test fitted the doors, front wings and bonnet!

it all lines up pretty well although i do have an issue with the bonnet sitting slightly proud in the middle which is a little odd as its a NOS genuine item. im going to fit another bonnet this week to see if its the bonnet of scuttle but im sure i can tweak it a bit to get it to fit.

welded up the radio hole and the old drain area by the fuel tank

then i took off all the wings again and unbolted the chassis so i could get the shell on tressels to spot weld on the bottom plates

i also finished off the welding on the fornt bulkead, and the 1/4 strengtheners that attach at the back of the front clip

I also took a couple more pics of where i boxed in the boot floor for the 915 gearbox - underneath

a couple of hte chassis almost finished - i just need to change some brackets for the brake lines and re route the throttle cable tube

i also won these 996 rear calipers on ebay for half the price i was willing to pay :D

i was a bit miffed when i received them though as they were suitable for 986 discs instead of 996 discs (4mm thicker) so i pushed the pins back to where they should be which was more effort than i thought it would be.


ive pished each pin out by about 3mm

theyl be refurbed and mated to my 944 T a arms and 996 rear discs with an ally adapter

and now the bugs back on its pan again

ive got about half a day of tieing up lose odds and ends then its ready for prep and paint! whoop!!! :D

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