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judgie May 21st 2012 06:04

my race car
small vid of my race car at the Apex festival this weekend at lydden hill. cracking weekend and some great racing from the beetle challange guys
facebook album here

NO_H2O May 21st 2012 07:00

Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting.

Turbonutta July 23rd 2012 14:36

Arrgghhh im so jealous........i missed it due to many a folk letting me down

Car looks sweet dude cool vid

judgie August 23rd 2013 04:33

Had the car out again at the retro rides gathering at Prescott hill climb, great weekend and here's a few pic's. have some in car footage coming as well which i'll post up as soon as i get it.

volkdent August 23rd 2013 20:45

Looks like a little bit of fun!!! What sort of times up the hill are competitive for your class?


Wally August 24th 2013 14:08

Great pics of your car in action Rob!
Suspension looks well sorted too.

judgie August 26th 2013 03:09


Originally Posted by Wally (Post 87106)
Great pics of your car in action Rob!
Suspension looks well sorted too.

was great fun and it just proves that a few small mods to the stock 03 suspension can turn it into a a very responsive car.
rear is 944 torsion bars and spring plates with a 944 anti roll bar
front is my own coilovers and a rose joint on the inner tca mount and a h/d anti roll bar
poly bushed and kyb gas-a-just shocks,thats it.
no fancy uniball on the rear or coil overs just uprated stock parts.

judgie October 7th 2013 05:50
dont know how to get vimeo vids to embed on here so your'll have to click the links
both vids done by the crew at apex and taken at the retro rides show at Prescott hill climb.

NO_H2O October 7th 2013 20:42

Great Vids. Nice drive too.

Wally October 8th 2013 12:50

Great videos indeed! Awesome footage Rob!

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