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brent June 5th 2013 01:51

Finaly RHD fibre glass dash for sale
Hi there. If you are interested in my RHD fibre glass dash then let me know. I have some pictures for you to look at [in photo bucket] a few pictures are in my car. I have also built a carbon face which sits around guages, this part is not included. Here is the situation, in order for me to make it worth the effort I would like to see several freighted at one time. This will be alot easier this end. They will cost $450-00 NZ dollars each if 5 are sold, They will cost $400 each in 10 are sold. They will be in "white gel coat" not black as black raises the price. You can cover or paint them in what ever you like. My one is sprayed in a lumpy black coating to look like vinyl. This is as close as you can get to the 911 dash as i originaly took photos and measurements off my brothers 911. Because the beetle is far narrower than a porsche it will hold 4 guages. However there is plenty of room for as many as you like. It fits perfect and sits on little tabs below front screen and 2 small screws fit into std side tabs. The steering column can be fitted with or without the ignitian, indicater and wiper arms, cut the hole to suit your intention. Reason for not selling one is it only takes one to be copied and then my effort is wasted. let me know your thoughts. I have not priced freight up yet need to see whos interested first.

nathanoneill June 9th 2013 04:38

Looks good mate. Finally someone has done a right hand drive!

brent August 8th 2013 16:53

I can negociate the price slightly however i need to see at least 5 ordered to do so.. Regards brent

Lbug1975 August 24th 2013 20:27

Hi Brent, well done, nicely formed and finished.
Have you thought of doing a small section that is the gauge housing pod ? I would like to graft exactly that type of widened pod into my existing dash and get it all recovered in vinyl. Rather than build a new profile from scratch I would prefer to just graft something like that in place. That would sell for left hand drive as well as right hand drive. I'm in West Australia, I assume you are in NZ ?

brent August 31st 2013 15:21

Hi, yes i am in Auckland, and yes i had thought about grafting the pod into the left hand side of the whole dash to form a left hand drive one. Selling the pod on its own is an option for sure, let me chew on on this idea sir. .... $$ wot u think is a reasonable price that inc the cost to make and some profit to recover. Regards brent.

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