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dgluyas January 1st 1970 00:00

Questions about dgluyass ride

Andy White November 19th 2002 07:19


Nice looking motor! I see that you are using 944 turbo discs and calipers all round and that the rear has been narrowed by 2 inches to compensate this and exceptionally wide rims! How did you narrow the rear track? I have a problem with mine as I want to fit my 17, 7.5j ET52's under stock rear wings. Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated!


p.s Can you post a bigger pic as the members rides section won't allow me to enlarge it :(

vujade May 21st 2003 08:32


I wanted to ask you about your motor & tranny?

How do you like the 2332?
How much compression do you have?

What gear ratios do you have in the tranny?
DO you have it setup for around town or the freeway?


PS: your car looks really good!

dgluyas June 2nd 2003 06:46

Goliaths ride /narrowed irs/2332cc
Hi Andy and Vujade thanks for your questions. First ,Andy the narrowed rear end was done here in Australia by a local engineering shop and there is a good article here on the GL site under Tech articles that covers how its done. It allows narrowing about 23mm per side. I will try to post some new shots soon.

Vujade, hi there! I am running 9:1 compression and had to back off the timing slightly(27 deg) so it doesnt ping. Problem is though the heads are a little on the small side. Its good for about 100hp. Its a very flexible motor and with the 5.7inch chev rods its got bags of torque. The gear ratios are only standard 74 L bug. It is good for freeway and around town . I love it !!

Cheers David:D

vujade June 2nd 2003 09:12

thanks for the info :)

dd-ardvark June 10th 2003 16:52

Hey Guys,

I heard John at is now selling 1.5" Narrowed IRS Trailing Arms, in Steel 18lb. ea. or Chromoly 12lb., I believe stock is about 25lb. and you also gain a 1/2" because the spring plate bolts to the outside of the trailing arm plate.


fusca_74 November 27th 2004 17:43

Your panel of gauges
I buy a 912 gauge set of a junk yard an now I looking for put there in my Beetl. Why you are make to put the gauges in your beetle, I have some questions about the eletrical instalation.



volky68 November 28th 2008 00:15


What type of exhaust are you using?


Goliath October 29th 2020 04:51[/IMG]

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