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H2OSB September 1st 2015 03:53

Porche v 1303 tie rod ends
Can anyone tell me if the n/a 944 spindles take the same taper from the tie rod end as that offered up by the 1303 tie rod end?

I'm running 944 spindles on my 1303. Though I know about the bump steer issues that come from having the tie rod end enter from below on the 944 spindle, I'm just curious if I can just put it all together so I can roll the car around, without doing any damage to my spindles.

Thanks in advance

H2OSB September 3rd 2015 03:42

hmmpf! So much for you guys. I went out and checked for myself. For the record, the tie rod ends for the 1303, 924 and 944 are all the same taper.

proudbugowner October 24th 2015 09:15

Thank you John, was looking for this info.

H2OSB October 24th 2015 10:14

Another thing I learned...well, confirmed yesterday...If you've tried installing 944 spindles onto a 2 bolt Super, you may have found the tie rod ends must be uncomfortably unthreaded to meet the straight steering arms. I used a pair of the slightly longer (4cm) tie rods from the later rack&pinion to make up the difference. It worked perfectly.

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