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DORIGTT August 5th 2018 18:52

HELP w/944T-IRS a-arm swap
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Hey all,
I've got a 1970 IRS pan and am trying to convert to the 944T arms and spring plates. Challenge is, I'm having trouble getting the spring plate to sit on the spring plate. Has anyone else run into this?

Blizzard August 6th 2018 14:52

Is the original rubber still on the inner side of the 944 spring plate? If so remove this rubber and replace it with one for a beetle.

Blizzard August 6th 2018 15:14

DORIGTT August 13th 2018 21:25

I have removed both the inner and outer rubbers and replaced them with the Volkswagen ones as I don't have the Porsche covers for the torsion housings.

DORIGTT August 13th 2018 21:26

Are those Koni shocks the 944 versions? They have a larger lower bolt hole and smaller upper?

Blizzard August 14th 2018 17:19

No the koni"s are for an IRS beetle. I have made the lower urathane bushing out of a set of 19 mm front swaybar bushings and a friend with a lathe made the steel inserts. outside 19mm. inside 14mm.

Blizzard August 14th 2018 17:27

To give an other posible answer to your problem. Are the torsionbars all the way in the splines of the springplate and the torsionbar housing on the chassis. ? Try cleaning the splines in the springplate to see if the torsion bar can go deeper. Hope this helps.

Steve C August 15th 2018 18:00

you need to use late IRS covers as well

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