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NO_H2O August 25th 2009 15:31

PLM Sept 26th
It's that time again. Peugeot announced that they would be at the PLM a month or so ago and today Audi announced that they will return to defend at PLM this year. Looking forward to seeing this match up again. It was a great finish last year with Audi taking the race back at the end.
We will going again this year. Anyone else planning to be there?

zen August 25th 2009 17:13

Man, this one really snuck-up on me. I had no clue until your call and post. I have no idea at this point if I will make it, but will certainly be working towards it. I just have to compare family schedules. I'll let you know ASAP.

wrenchnride247 August 25th 2009 22:13

I think I'm going to sit this one out. I REALLY want to make it back to Eurofest though. Look's like thats the only way I can see Laz again :rolleyes:

NO_H2O August 29th 2009 09:13

I ordered 7 tickets and a vehicle pass today (ouch).

yellow73 August 31st 2009 17:37

Hoping to make it - it comes between Bugs and the Branch and Cirle Yer Wagens at Sevierville - if I can make those I may make up my annual show defecit on one month!!!

NO_H2O September 3rd 2009 14:21

Got our tix via UPS yesterday.

NO_H2O September 24th 2009 19:21

One of the guys I work with that was with us last year, is up at the trake for all 4 days. He is claiming the same spot we had last year. Nigle is going to hook up with us early Sat. morning for the ride up. We will be taking the Pinz with a vehicle pass so we can haul stuff/people in with it. If anyone else is going to make it out to the race, you can call for pickup at the gate and the Pinzgauer track taxi will come and pick you up.

NO_H2O September 29th 2009 19:12

Myself, my family and Nigel showed up for Petit Le Mans on Sat. and for the first time in ALMS history, the race was red flagged just after the half way point. The Peugeot set the pole speed in the dry on Friday. But the race started under light rain and McNish gave them a wet driving lesson as he took the lead in turn one and lapped everyone in the field less the #7 Peugeot before handing the Audi over to Capello. A safety car had McNish pit just before putting the #7 car down a lap also. Capello ran well but as the track began to dry the Peugeot's started to come back. Capello handed off to McNish just after the half way point as it started to rain again as 2 cars were off the track and the safety car was out again. McNish looped the Audi in some standing water and handed the lead to the Peugot under the safety car. With all the rain and flooding we had in the area the water had no place to go and was running across the track 6 inches deep in several places. The race was red flaged and never restarted and the rain was very heavy and the water on the track was too deep in places. We all packed our stuff back into the Pinzgauer and went home disappointed and wet. We still had a good day all and all. I was able to rescue a couple and pulled a car from the mud with the Pinzgauer on the way out. The place was like mud soup after all of the rain over the last couple weeks.
Still looking forward to next year.

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