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DORIGTT November 21st 2012 18:12

After putting this project on ice, it's time I get started and finish this. I figure the best way is to put it online to be held accountable for it!

That being said...

1970 Karmann Ghia coupe
2.1L turbocharged WBX w/air-to-water intercooler
Kennedy Engineering flywheel for WBX - 915 conversion using 915 clutch assay
Twin nose mounted radiators for engine and 1 for chargecooler
915 transmission w/ hydraulic clutch release
911 seats and interior trimmed in Interlagos fabric from the new GTI
914/911 gauge package
Empty wallet
Air conditioning
European bumper conversion
GT400 mirrors
Early bullet turn signals
Halogen H4 lights
1.5" narrowed trailing arms - Blind Chicken Racing supplied
Audi 4000 steering rack
CB performance drop spindles
944T brakes front and rear w/968 4 piston calipers
Spax or GAZ shocks

owdlvr November 21st 2012 18:59


Empty wallet
...I know that feeling!

Post up some pics, there's a few things on the list that are quite interesting to me.


DORIGTT November 21st 2012 19:48

DORIGTT August 10th 2020 01:35

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Well, I'm back on the 'jazz' after delays associated with having...or at least being involved in raising 3 kids and work that had me traveling 3 weeks of the month. Corona virus has had me at home, and I've been able to get a surprising amount of things done on my Ghia.

The pics are re-colored renderings I commissioned to 'see' what my vision of the Raketenhase (translated - Rocket Bunny in German) Ghia.

Stay tuned for regular updates, with the goal of firing this thing up and driving it this year.


DORIGTT August 10th 2020 02:11

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Part of the challenge with my vision is that no-one makes parts 'small enough' to fit the Ghia - duckbill spoiler-wise. I reached out the the people at Clinchedflares and they set me up with the closest thing to what I'm looking for. It's from the Mitsubishi Evo, but has the profile i wanted. Now to learn 'plastic welding' to get it to fit properly...unless anyone has any better ideas - that still involve me using the spoiler of course.

ian godfrey August 11th 2020 05:18

I have a road race Ghia and was thinking about rear spoiler options, Porsche duck tail etc, so I'm very interested to see how yours works out and what method you use to shape it to suit.

DORIGTT August 12th 2020 20:40

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I've got an OBP pedal cluster to replace the rusty original equipment my Ghia came with. I didn't want to replace with 'good' factory equipment due to how I plan to use the car, so I went with the version that mounted the master cylinders facing the driver which allows me to push the pedal cluster as far forward as I can. I still have to figure out the best method for mounting this to the floor / reinforcement so that under hard won't break free.

Open to ideas / suggestions.


DORIGTT August 12th 2020 20:41

Any ideas why my photos get turned sideways?

ian godfrey August 13th 2020 00:43

I don't know about photos, but how about an aluminium doubler under the floor to add stiffness but not much weight?

owdlvr August 14th 2020 01:38

Rally bug has an aluminum plate above the floor, and three steel 'ribs' under the floor pan to stiffen everything up. basically sandwiching the floorpan. Very sturdy, no flexing.

Steve C August 16th 2020 04:23


Originally Posted by DORIGTT (Post 92300)

The pics are re-colored renderings I commissioned to 'see' what my vision of the Raketenhase (translated - Rocket Bunny in German) Ghia.


Very JDM.

Nice work btw

DORIGTT August 17th 2020 00:41

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I've always liked the Rocket Bunny S14's look. I commissioned Rob3rtdesign to take the Rocket Bunny style and apply it to the Ghia to see if I liked the way it looked enough to do it. There are many folks who hate the look, and quite a few who like it. It doesn't matter, I like it, and it allows me to run the wider wheels and tires I want, for the performance I look to get from it. Track events (road racing), roll racing, and fast backroad driving.

DORIGTT August 17th 2020 05:31

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OMG!!! If you've ever had cruddy parts that you were trying to wire-wheel to clean up...STOP IT! Find a shop that does vapor honing like Ravenstone Vapor honing near Seattle!!!! Edward there is an alchemist!!!

DORIGTT August 17th 2020 05:35

5 Attachment(s)
Thanks Marco at for o-ringing and port matching the dry sump pump I purchased to use in my WBX engine! You are THE man!!!

Now no more worrying about losing oil pressure in this power plant.

DORIGTT August 17th 2020 06:15

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Corona Virus!!! Been working on an RSR mod where the shifter was moved up and back to be closer to the driver. Here are my sketches and cardboard mockup. up my 3D printer and put it to use making a functional model.

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